Statesboro, GA, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor and can be punished by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. However, upon a first drug conviction the offender may be placed on probation, and upon successful completion the proceedings against him may be discharged. Possession of one ounce or more is a felony and is punishable by 1 – 10 years in prison.

Any conviction (first offense) causes minimum 6 months driver’s license suspension.^

Any conviction (second offense) causes minimum 1 year driver’s license suspension.

Any conviction (third offense) causes minimum 2 years driver’s license suspension.

Any conviction may also cause suspension of professional license.

Law enforcement: Georgia Avenue and Lanier Drive are terrible, cops will arrest you, they will try to search your car, and there are lots of k9’s in bulloch. If carrying herb, try to stay on foot or a bike, Also stay off of I-16 and go the speed limit in Laurens County. If in a vehicle with herb, drive the speed limit and obey traffic laws tightly!

Where to buy marijuana: It helps to know people, but your best bet on finding some bud, is to head to a bar and start drinking. Most people will smoke you out, but don’t like to sell. After the bars or on a busy night (football game) head to Sherwood Forest, or University Place street, there will be parties, just find one and follow your nose, you can usaully find bud, and people are more willing to sell at parties. University Place is the best for parties. You can try apartment complexes but its harder, after around 3AM the parties slack off and it gets harder so get an early start. Another good bar is french quarter which has a bigger happy hour scene if your looking for bud early.

Also Campus. Most people that look like stoners will help you out, unless they appear to be in a hurry.

Marijuana prices: Dank (Good Bud) 50 an 1/8

Mids (Almost as good) 40 a 1/4 or less

Some retards pay 30 a gram for “the best” but stay away from these people as they have to much money, things going for them, to go to jail and will probably narc on you… also stay away from most frats at southern, TKE’s aren’t a “cool frat” but they probably have bud…

Other locals said 50-70 1/8th for top end quality (which varies from west coast type quality to bottom of the bag crumbs of beasters.)

Marijuana brands: Mids, Dank, various other heady brands but im sure you’ll take what you can get unless your a weed nazi in which case bring your own.

More information: Stay away from cops and cocaine in statesboro as they often come in pairs.

Cloud 9 and Cosmic Charleys (the best) are the main head shops in statesboro. Cloud 9 is grouped in the plaza with bars and is open late, Cosmic Charlies is better but closes at 6 and is on South Main near the Days Inn. You can buy Whippets 24/7 at Parkers Shell Station on Lanier/Chandler Rd.

There’s plenty of places to smoke just find an empty area where you can watch people driving up. Also theres trails that connect alot of the apartment complexes and a Nature Trail on Sweetheart Circle.