Stafford, VA, Virginia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Any amount (first offense) misdemeanor 30 days $500

Any amount (subsequent offense) misdemeanor 1 year $2,500

Cultivation Any amount felony 5 – 30 years $10,000

Sale 1/2 oz or less misdemeanor 1 year $2,500

1/2 oz to 5 lbs felony 1 – 10 years $2,500

Law enforcement: Ton of cops, clever, cocky and very serious about even the slightest charge, most are ex-marines from our neighboring county, Quantico marine base. free-bees are rare

Where to buy marijuana: Smokers are much too paranoid to ask around freely, gotta be in the know.

Marijuana prices: Shwagg is rare, $30/oz, mids,130/oz,

KB(beasters),$275-300/oz, Headies-Dank, $350-420/oz

Marijuana brands: various strains, most recently from baltimore…

Fat Pine Lizard The Goo and my personal HG

Jack Herer Headband Haze Snow Headless

Horsetut(grown in sand from king tuts tomb, and dirt from an oak in sleepy


Sugar Shack Silver Haze Bronze Berry Fuckpunch

More information: safest smoking takes place at home, in the deep forest, and good ol’ front porch sessions, seeing as your neighbors are on the level. The road is great, but drive at ye own risk.