St. Lucia, St. Lucia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1.5

Legislation: Like most of the Caribbean, marijuana is illegal, though the police will usually turn a blind to tourists if you are discreet.

Law enforcement: If you are arrested, stay calm & polite. Tourists are not normally prosecuted for personal amounts.

If you do get arrested, blatant bribery works, although not with the local currency. US$ 100+ per officer is a decent amount. Just ask if you can pay a “local fine” to avoid problems.

If you do proffer a bribe, do it before you reach the station, it’s cheaper as there’s less palms to grease!

Where to buy marijuana in St. Lucia: It’s generally not a smart idea to buy in Castries.

If you sit on virtually any beach outside of the resorts you will be offered grass by one of the local boys.

The Friday night “jump-up” in Gros Islet is a good place to score. Just take a walk along to the beach road and you’ll be offered in minutes.

Lonely Planet suggests you avoid that part of the island, but I worked there for a year and never saw an inkling of trouble.

Marijuana prices: Bought by the pound, expect to pay EC$ 600 – 800.

Bought on the beach, EC$ 60 – 100 per quarter ounce.

Brands: All the weed is grown locally, and although it’s an excellent, and usually organic smoke, it’s all pretty much the same.

When there is any variety, it’s in the form of weed from neighbouring islands, which is all from the same stock.

More information:

– Just respect the locals and you’ll be fine.

– Don’t smoke around kids, as that will get you in trouble.

– If you’re arriving in daylight hours, hire your own transport from Hewanorra Airport. The roads are atrocious and the local taxi drivers are psychotic. Do not attempt this journey after dark or you will end intimately involved with the scenery!!!

– Don’t order lobster; it’s always overpriced, and the local rock lobster is not as tasty as the coldwater varieties.

– The fish is fantastic!

– If you need emergency medical treatment, get off the island. The local medical services are almost medieval. If you are an EC citizen get a local flight to Martinique from Vigie Airport, or a ferry/charter from Rodney Bay or Castries.

Martinique is France without the attitude.

– Refuse to pay a service charge when you eat. Instead, tip the waiter/waitress 10-15% in cash. If you add a tip via your plastic, like the service charge, it won’t reach the waiting staff.

– St Lucians prefer US$

– For cheap local food, try The Lime in Rodney Bay, then walk 50 yards to Elena’s for the best homemade ice-cream on the island.