St. Georges, Grenada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Grenada, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: police like to go to places where people sell a lot of weed in ordinary clothes, especially on a friday night. If u get cought tell them u know the prime minister and ull have the cop fired, or u might spend a night in jail. they won’t lock up white people for very long. maybe not even at all.

Where to buy marijuana: The worst place to get weed on the island is Grande anse, where the tourists hang out. bloods will try to scam you. The better place is in town. They have good weed and u will be able to shop around and find weed without so much seeds in it. If u go to the country where there are no tourists you’ll get the most quantity. Dont go for weed in grande anse at nighttime because you will get robbed.

Marijuana prices: The standard price for a spliff is 5 EC dollars. In grande anse the joints will probably be half normal size. once i even got 2 big fat joints for 5 EC in the country. that’s about 4 grams.

Standard price for a half ounce is 30, 60 for an ounce.

You should be able to get a pound for 500 EC.

Marijuana brands: usually vincy (St. Vincent) weed and sometimes local.

Some crop is good, some crop is bad. Their weed is all grown naturally in the bush so u might even get eggshells in it sometimes or whatever. Shitty weed smells alot different from good weed. Don’t buy weed where half of it is leaf matter and seeds.the good weed will smell more sweet and fresh, and maybe like a spice. I’ve noticed that good weed is spongey and moist, more meaty and less leafy than most weed, it might have red hairs on it. Don’t buy weed where half of it is leaf matter and seeds. If you’re getting a half ounce or more make sure the weed is soft and spongy because seeds, leaves and stems aren’t spongey at all, only bud. the spongier the better.

More information: The weed is very nice, its good for your meditation especially, and thanks to the quantity it makes my eyes more red than amsterdam weed does. i love how 1 joint is very huge.