Skopje, Macedonia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in the republic of Macedonia, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: There is a special police unit called “ALFI” they drive old ventos golf 2 3 and always they roll in a pack of 3.

If you get arrested with a small amount – let’s say 5 grams they may let you off eazy or they are gonna take you to the main police station in Skopje “MVR” they won’t keep you there for more than 2-6 hrs then they let you off.

Where to buy marijuana in Skopje: Best place to find weed here in skopje is just walk around find some group of kids ages 16-23 or so a lot of us smoke weed so the chance of you asking the right ones is 80%. Always aim for a group that is trying to be out of the way in some ally for ex.

Be careful don’t give the money first.

Skopje marijuana prices:

2$ a gram

6$ a pack we call here “SIBICA” of around 3 grams

40$ per 50 grams

60$ per 100 grams

230$ 1 Kilo

The prices get higher 500 denars = around 12$ for 2 grams

Brands: There is a lot of diffrent weed here mostly low quality if your’e lucky you can get decent weed but that’s all.

hash is bad here so don’t even try it

Nobody mention any famous brand but in the past few mounths you got only buds and they are sticky and smell nice. So thats mean the quality level is higher than before.

More information: U can catch up with some realy nice guys and have lots of fun..