Siena, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]:

Siena is a bad place where to smoke or to buy. The risk is enormous. Who smoke does not have to only worry of the police, but also of “contradaioli” that are perhaps worse of the policemen. Smoke in the open air is pure fantasy here.

Legislation: No distinction between heavy drugs and soft drugs, the police to Siena is constantly present.

Law enforcement: Smoke in the streets is the better way to end in the troubles. Siena is one small city, much calm and a lot watched, from the police and also the same people of Siena. Smoke in house is better

Where to buy marijuana: There are no public squares or roads where it can be bought. The “Corte dei miracoli” is a good club where, perhaps, something is found, but the quality and the prices are absurd. Acquaintance is the better thing. In the near campaign, better transactions are made. Other way is to go during the afternoon in Via del Pantaneto to the bar called Ortensia and making acquaintance.

To make friendship is the better thing. To know someone in a bar. There is a bar near to PIazza del Campo, in the “contrada dell’Onda”, where you can meet someone who has something to sell. It remembers to you that the prices are highest here. I suggest however not to make nothing in the publics spaces publics

Marijuana prices: 10, 12e x 1 gram of bad hash it is the norm, if you do not know nobody.

Marijuana brands: generally the quality is low. But often the hash comes from Florence. Coast more but is sure better. The better thing is to go to make purchases directly Florence for one greater choice and optimal possibilities to make optimal transactions

More information: Siena is beautifull but it is not sure the best place for the smokers. In Tuscany very many people smoke regularly, therefore great problems do not exist in order to find something. Siena instead is a lot controlled therefore to find something is much difficult one, the costs is high, the quality is low and the risk is truly high. Better drink a good Chianti watching the many girls who go to the university

In Siena, the “Palio” , the “Contrada”, is the center of the city life. The habitants of Siena hold very to their city and are therefore very mind closed.