Siem Reap, Cambodia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Honestly smoking is probably illegal thanks to the UN and our good old DEA, but you have a very small chance of getting caught. This country has legal happy pizza parlors so if there is legislation against weed it is futile.

Law enforcement: The only cops that are in Cambodia guard banks and malls. They don’t bust happy pizza and you can smoke just about anywhere. I smoked on the street, in shops, and rolled blunts in front of convenience stores. Don’t worry, be happy….

Where to buy marijuana: The obvious place to go for pot is the happy pizza parlors(weed pizza). The first place you go will likely have shitty weed full of leaves and seeds and dry. This weed sux and I am pissed I smoked it. Go around and search for better shit at other pizza places. I found one place that gave me amazing green buds with crystals all over it. If you find this place you will understand what I’m talking about, its good shit and it will get you baked and you will be able to get alot for barely any money.

Marijuana prices: 10 bucks for about a half ounce in a standard bag size that all the pizza places use. They will charge the same for the best shit you can find or the seedy dry shit. IT IS CHEAP!!!!!

Marijuana brands: The only brands I came across is shit seedy weed and good green sticky weed. Probably is grown around the area.

More information: Get a tuk tuk for like a dollar and just smoke and drive around. This place is awesome, alcohol is cheap too. Go see Angkor Watt baked and you will have a great time. Just an overall perfect place to smoke, by far the best spot in South East Asia.