Shkodër, Albania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Albania marijuana laws: Marijuana possession, cultivation and transport is illegal in Albania.

Law enforcement: Police will not seek out smokers – especially if you’re a tourist. However, if caught, a small bribe will free you.

Locals are seldom convicted by a court even if arrested. Those dealing with large amounts of marijuana could face a small amount of prison time.

Where to buy marijuana in Albania: Your best bet is going into the city streets and seeking out the younger crowd.

Marijuana prices in Albania: Very cheap, as low as $5. Depends on the quality and quantity.

Types of Marijuana found in Albania: Being in southern Europe means access to the best buds from the North, as well as the best hash from Morocco and the Middle East. Keep your eyes open.

Additional information: Lazarat is a small village in the far south of Albania. It is known for having over 2000 people cultivating over 1,000 tons of cannabis per year. It is safe to say: There is plenty of cannabis to be found in Albania.