Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Cannabis is currently classified as a class C substance in the U.K. This means that you can be incarcerated for a period of upto 2 years and probably slapped with a heavy fine if found in possession of the drug, with the prison term going up to 14 years for supply/distribution.

Law enforcement: I spent 2 years in Sheffield as a student, and while I didn’t feel that the police force there were a lackadaisical bunch, they certainly weren’t too worried about kids smoking pot, what with all the council house rowdies hangin’ ’bout on dem street corners!! I even got offered a lift by a cop once cos I was, by my own admission too drunk and stoned to actually make the effort of getting my own sorry ass home!

Where to buy marijuana: Sheffield is primarily an industrial town with a high student population. Just like there are two kinds of lifestyles being lived here, you can get two kinds of pot.

There’s the dealers who hang about in town center on a crowded evening (Friday or Saturday night, or market days). These guys tend to be of the Rastafarian persuasion, and are usually quite approachable, even though they seem intimidating at first. They’ll hook you up with an 8th at 20 quid, but it’s usually “Schwag” weed, the seedy stemmy bush variety, which though stony is a bit of a waste due to the large amount of dry brittle leaf you have to pack a joint with just to get high. However, this shouldn’t concern you too much as Sheffield is also the home of one of the world’s favorite strains of hydro – Blueberry. It seems to me that the local Pakistani population has a monopoly over the Blueberry trade within the county. Anybody with enough nuts to not be scared to go up to them just has to go to a couple of the young guys who work the kebab shops on London road, Abbeydale Road, Queen’s Road or Ecclesall Road and ask them for some ‘help’. Try and not treat them like dealers, they’re usually guys who smoke a lot and have ‘mates’ who deal. You might have to wait a while, but if you insist on Blueberry and are willing to wait, you’ll soon be smoking the sweetest juiciest weed you’ve had in a while!

Marijuana prices: 20 Pounds for 3.2 grams (weed)

Marijuana brands: Blueberry

More information: Since smoking is out in clubs, most people use poppers or room freshening solvents to get high. These are readily available off the net and you’ll find a bottle floating about the pisser in most clubs where there’s students.