Sharm Al Saikh, Egypt

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Cops only harass locals at Sharm, all foreigners are treated like kings since they are the ones bringing in all the money. This doesn’t mean you can go and light in a policeman’s face, but once the towel boy at a resort I was staying at literally asked me for the rest of my joint. Smoke anywhere really except next to cops, anywhere at the resort, at the beach, in the club (even if the bouncers give you shit, 100 LE should do the trick).

Law enforcement: If the cops catch a foreigners he would most likely be let out the same day.

Where to buy marijuana: Taxis are the easiest hook up, worked both times I went simply by literally asking the first taxi I’d see.

Marijuana prices: An “irsh” is for 100 LE ($15), which is a a rectangular cube the size and width of a finger. A “fersha” which is a large brick the size and width of 2 CD cases put together is for 1500 LE ($225). Bongo is dirt cheap, most of the times you can probably get some for free when buying the hash but I don’t really see why anyone would want to.

Marijuana brands: The hash is Sharm is golden brown hash that is very stiff. I really liked the quality plus it was soo cheap that I had enough to be high all the time, smoking non-stop.

More information: Sharm is a very nice place to visit for a week, even for a stoner, its an Arabian tropical paradise.