Shanghai, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Any drug use or associated activity is highly illegal in China, and many people are exucuted by the state for drug crimes every year, including some foreigners. But according to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t invovlve a native chinese person.

Law enforcement: According to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usually they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t involve a native Chinese person.

Our reports say if you’re caught by the cops with over 20 grams of weed or hash, you’re fucked. its execution. the cops don’t really know what weed looks or smells like so no need to worry

Where to buy marijuana in Shanghai: Incredibly easy transaction here. Just head to East Nanjing Road, wait to be solicited for a “sexy lady massage”, and simply ask the solicitor if he has hashish. Generally, they will make a call and you’ll have the hash in your hand within 10 minutes.

and also: “Downtown Shanghai, around Nanjing West Rd. near the Portman hotel Or you can go to Zhe Jiang Middle Rd. (near Nanjing East Rd.) Or though the many expats smokers who live in the city (a more scure way of getting a good deal and weight)

In China, hashish is the most common street drug. People from Xin Jiang, darker and more aged by complexion, sell hashish to foreigners. Often when walking down Nanjing West Rd. near the Portman hotel somebody will say hashish, hashish! Or you can go to Zhe Jiang Middle Rd. (near Nanjing East Rd.) and go to the Xin Jiang restaurants, characterized by the strong odor of lamb kebabs and dirtiness.”

another reporter added: “Go to Nanjing road and people will ask you if you want to get some hash”

Our latest reports said: weed and hash are everywhere in Shanghai. you have to look for middle eastern looking guys (people from Xin Jiang) and they’ll usually say “Hashish? Marijuana?”. I’ve met some at the Jiu Guang Department Store at night outside of Windows. Also there is a dude behind a Mexican restaurant named “Zapatas” on YongJia Road.

Marijuana Prices in Shanghai: 500 RMB for 1.8 oz or their abouts

It’s easy to get ripped off but generally it’s 300 – 700rmb for a nice ball of hashish, quality is not consistant.

another reporter added: “1) 3000 Y for 40g of gold dusty hash. Type of hash that give you a sleep and munchies buzz. Not to strong so you can still go out and play in the city

2) 3000Y for 20g of weed. Nice skinny flower(bud) tast perfect expensive but it is good and this one make you want to stay home(stoner)”

and also: “$60/yuan”

Latest pricing info: 300RMB (approx. 44 U.S. Dollars) for a nice bag of weed (approx. 1/2 oz)

200-300RMB for a nice big rock of hash.

Marijuana brands: Lovely golden polm hashish (usually from Yarkland in eastern china) very pungent and doesn’t need any manipulation by flame to be broken up.

Note: This hash was more potent than most hash I smoked in The Rif mountains ( Ketama – Chef Chouwen)

another reporter added: “Blond verry dusty hash and light green weed ”

More information: Enjoy the delights of what China has to offer, just look out for the PSB……

carefull with the cops because they are strict in China. Usually they bring you to Kazakstan people.


2013 Update:

1. Legal Circumstances

After staying and smoking nearly daily during my study year in Shanghai, I felt it was time to give something back to this site that has helped me on several occasions. I met several expats as well as Chinese minorities who enjoyed cannabis during my stay, and my friends and I had several different sellers we could contact whenever if we needed some green or brown.


The deal with Shanghai is that you never really know what kind of reactions the locals will have towards cannabis. The police will rarely bother you if you are foreign; in my class of 38 foreigners I only heard of one case were police got involved and that was when my buddy got into a stupid drunk fight out on the city.


My mandarin speaking friend did some recon regarding the laws before we started smoking, and based on his information gathering as well as hours of online research we came to the conclusion that in most situations the worst consequence would be loss of visa.


I had several close calls during the stay simply because I got so accustomed with buying and smoking that I eventually didn’t view it as that “serious”. I have rolled and smoked fatties in several bars, as well as smoking out on the street knowing that a lot of people would smell it. Heck one time a homeless guy even lighted up my joint while I was sitting drunk outside of a club, and another time my landlords saw two large bags of green in the apartment without even mentioning it.


2. Purchasing

When it comes to purchasing the goods this site directs you to west nanjing rd. and yes, in most cases you will be approached (nodded to/whispered to/eye contact) by sellers. However police constantly patrol this street during the day time, and at night it is impossible to find sellers at nanjing.


At night you are better off heading to certain clubs around Shanghai (i.e. Club 88, The Apartment, The Shelter), were you for sure will find someone selling if you are there between 22-03 (day of the week doesn’t matter too much).


The people you are looking for are the Uyghur, even though you will sooner or later run into Africans selling inside and outside clubs. The Africans in my experience have the lowest quality to the stiffest prices, as well as the possibility of getting scammed.


The Uyghur people are quite different than your regular Chinese. These people usually don’t speak Mandarin very well as they have their own language. Most of them try their luck in Shanghai, but eventually realize the job market isn’t that open for minorities. Especially minorities who doesn’t speak fluent Mandarin. This is the main reason many Uyghur turn to selling cannabis


Most of the Uyghur offer you a business card when you buy off them, don’t be afraid to call this number as it is very convenient. This business card is probably the best part of buying green in Shanghai, simply because they will literally deliver the goods at your doorstep if you ask them to. Most of the times they will just grab a taxi to the street outside your apartment (but expect to pay 50-100,- RMB extra for them to make the trip).


3. Prices

The prices in Shanghai doesn’t vary too much in my experience. The times I approached new dealers they always tried to screw me over on the price, charging up to 2000,- RMB for a bag containing 12+ guestimated grams of low to high mids (on a scale where soapbar is low quality and Amsterdam hash is high quality), often varying depending on their stash.


I haggled on the price a lot with a lot of different dealers during my stay in Shanghai. I ended up regularly paying 900,- RMB for two of the bags I mentioned earlier, which in retrospect was a pretty dumb thing to do considering I often carried over 20g on me, which could have landed me a lot more trouble if I got caught. I became very friendly with one certain dealer after a while, and he would often top of my bags or even throw in a couple grams of hash every once in a while for my loyalty.


The dealers also sell hash if you would prefer that, less smell and definitely easier transport. I usually bought hash a couple of times through a month, the amount of hash in the bag varied a lot. But usually got a decent baggy at 400-500,- RMB. However I am a bit skeptical to the hash sold in Shanghai, it has a powdery form when broken up. Almost looks like keef, but I guarantee you it is not only trichomes in that hash. Also my mates and I grew very tired of smoking it just after a few hits, we got high but taste was sort of sickening after a while. Definitely not a good sign.


4. Smoking equipment!

I searched high and low for an okay bong. I went through the fake markets, I visited several streets where it had been spotted by online reporters. Sadly I couldn’t find anything but knock off rolling papers from street cigarette vendors for the first few months.


After three months or so I just happened to walk through a random street for the first time, and stumbled upon a tiny store selling knock off glass roor bongs, grinders, filters, papers and flavored papers. I cannot remember the name of this store unfortunately, but it is located within 50-100 meters walking distance of Club 88; if you stand facing towards Clubb 88s entrance, just walk to the right and go straight past it. You will see a Japanese restaurant with large decor rocks on the inside, take the street to the left of this restaurant and the store will be located on the left side of the street. They sell a lot of random stuff in there, but it was pretty easy to see the bongs from the outside.


Good luck 🙂