Settat, Morocco

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Smoking marijuana, or “kif” is illegal in the Kingdom of Morocco and the penalty for being caught with it is ten years in prison. However, tourists are frequently let off with only a fine due to Morocco’s need for both the tourism dollars and the $US7 billion dollars that makes kif their largest source of foreign currency.

Law enforcement: Discretion is the key word here. The police are not interested in small time smokers: in the north of Morocco, a high proportion of the local men (and a fair few local women) smoke kif – poor quality ground marijuana mixed with ‘tabac sauvage’ [illegally cultivated tobacco] – and hashish. Do NOT travel with anything more than a few grams (i.e. anything you can quickly swallow or throw away). If the local police think you are involved in smuggling (even on a very small scale) you can look forward to a few very unpleasant years, stuck in a local prison. Think Midnight Express.

Where to buy marijuana: you can find some dealers near ibn-abbad or errazi highschools,but they only sell very low quality hashish and only for young people.

the best way to get good quality hash and with big quantity is in dallas (it was named afther the american dallas) but it’s a very dangerous district , there’s three famous dealers who sells hash at their homes (the police can’t get them because their in a dangerous district as i said before) but lately one of those got caught outside town.

Marijuana prices: the prices are very low nearly 10 to 15 dirhams per gram , don’t ask a dealer if you don’t want to buy because it could be very dangerous for you.

the broke locals usually buys a quantity of one or two joints, one for four dirhams two for seven

Marijuana brands: there’s the hash that can be bought anywhere

weed and kief or kif could be be purshased from big dealers

More information: don’t ask a dealer for cocaine,heroin,crack, or other drugs the only drug you can find is weed ,hash and kief.

if a dealer offers you some red pills or any other type of pills don’t buy them, because they can take your head off forever (that’s what happend to a friend of mine after only five uses of those pills).