Seoul,, Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Any marijuana related activities are strictly illegal. If u get caught, u are lucky to be banished. U get locked up in the jail or if you are lucky enough to be rich, u can get out of it paying the very expensive fine.

Law Enforcement: The Popos are strict about marijuana. Most Korean think marijuana is a hardcore drug. There are a lot of PoPo’s snitches, So watch out.

The PoPos have all the right to search you anytime they want and have your urine tested whenever they want. They even make a deal with you. They ask you to tell 5 pot heads you know or 1 dealer, or you get locked up in the jail or get banished if you are lucky enough.(US Citizens tend to be banished more than other countries’ citizens. Remember, they can have your urine tested anytime they want and if your urine is positive for marijuana or any kinds of drug, you are doomed.

It can go either way. Most people wouldn’t know what it smells or looks like but if you get in any kind of trouble with the law you may have to take a test. Showing a positive is about the same as if they saw you smoking.

Where to buy marijuana in Seoul: In Apgujeong, there is a recently opened hookah cafe. Look for the foreigners hanging around there, just be wary of the coppers. Itaewon and Hong Dae are always good places to check out as well.

aAlot of young canadians come to South Korea to teach English. They all hang out in major two spots. Hong-Dea club street, and Iteawon (there is an American army base in Iteawon, the whole place is filled with Americans (and others – Europeans etc.) right by the Iteawon subway station, there is a club called “Lime Light” friday, saturday nights are packed (cover 20$), you could probably find some products there if you ask the right people. At Hong-dea club street, it will be much easier to find the product. if you look closely, you could probably find bunch of guys in parking lots, corners, etc. just ask them.

another reporter added: “VERY hard tro find. Forget asking random people, that’ll land you in jail.

I would reccomend just talking to Africans in Haebongcheon or Itaewon, they seem to usually have a little hash. There’s been some actual marijuana coming out of the southern cities of Seoul (Suwon, Pyeongteak, ect) so that’s nice but again, you need to know people.” most people recommend Hond-Dae, or Itaewon. but i dont like those places.yes u can get weed at there. but remember that places r risky also. u better find local who related with weeds, not hanging around the street to buy weeds. it is risky, as i said, there r many snitches.

In Itaewon, there r blacks who came from nigeria sell schwag. Also u can easily get E too in korea as weed. or just u can use MOM(mail order marijuana). there r lots of website which sells weed(Canada company).

Marijuana Prices in Seoul : Varies, I had a dealer who got his shipped in from America, he went for a solid 30000 won (around 30 bucks, US) a gram, he was nice as well so every time I bought, he lit up a few, free blunts with me. I’ll have to say 30,000 won-50,000 per gram.

prices are different every time, I would say around $35~50 per gram.

cheaper if they are friendly..

korean currency is called “won” $1 is about 1,100won

another reporter added: “Hash:

I gram = 50,000 – 80,000 won (50 – 80$ roughly) This varies quite a bit but it’s not cheap


What I would call a quarter sack = 100,000won (100$)”

Seoul Marijuana brands: Shitty home grown weed. Some brought abroad (squashed).

But the government cultivated weed is best quality. I once got hooked up with some weed from Jeju Island where they plant weed under government control, it was great.

people say 50bucks for 1gram, but practically it costs about 50~100$ per gram.

The MJ is not of very high quality and what we would call shwag back home. The hash is pretty decent compared to hash I’ve had in other counties in Asia but hard to find and a little on the expensive side.