Satellite Beach, FL, Florida

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.0

Legislation: anything 20.5 grams in Florida is a felony

Law enforcement: Satellite beach pigs will nail ur ass. Don’t let the fuckers jerk u around, be on top of ur game.

Where to buy marijuana: if u know the right person here u can get some unbelievable shit that u wouldn’t think was in Florida but theres really not any where that people just post up for the sale.

Marijuana prices: theres sparse regs u have to go for Melbourne for that but if u can find it it standard prices 25 a 1/4, 40 – 50 for a 1/2,60- 100 for an oz dank tends to vary small amounts of varying dank are 25-30 a tienth, 50 – 60 an eight, ounces of dank vary depending on quality 270 to 400 bucks.

Marijuana brands: catpiss, triangle kush, skunk varieties, haze

More information: smoke in private dont get busted by the black cruisers