Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: it is illegal but cops usually turn they’re heads.. just don’t look suspicious and u should be fine.

Law enforcement: if u do get caught smoking or with someone u as long as u don’t have baggies or scales then u prob wont be charged for anything and they will just throw it away or call your parents if your under 18.

Where to buy marijuana: Compared to ther Canadian cities, Saskatoon is very conservative when it comes to weed. It is very difficult to find and buy weed on the street here. It is virtually impossible in the wintertime to find a street dealer since it is too cold for people to be standing around. You will rarely ever smell ganga and most people have very conservative attitudes when it comes to marijauan usage. If you don’t know people with connections, you will be SOL in this town!

try downtown by midtown plaza and by the bus terminal.. also by vynal head shop as some locals goin in and around there also on broadway therees lots of stoners walkin around and by the b.o.b hq head shop.

Marijuana prices: 10 $ a gram

45 – 60 a quarter

90 – 110 a half

170-230 a ounce

another reporter added: “Varies from 25-40 an eighth, 100-125 a half”

Marijuana brands: ppl usually dont keep track or name theyre buds around here.. only once in a while someone will kno wat its called.. but its all good so dont worry..

More information: usuualy ask ppl from ages 18 – 25 probly 4 or 5 times outta ten they smoke.