Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Import, export, send, make, buy, sell, expose to sell, offer, prescript, keep […] or deal drugs, even if for free: 5 to 15 years of jail and R$ 500 to R$ 1500 fine.

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Although pro-Marijuana campaigns are ongoing in Brazil, Marijuana is illegal in all Brazil, and so is any related action: smoking, cultivating, purchasing, etc. However, there is substituting mandatory rehabilitation for users.

Law Enforcement: Police are intolerant, but can be persuaded with a good incentive…. or, as our Brazilian reporter said:” always watch for the police. They’ll want to find you doing something to get some money out of you!”.

So, to sum things up – the police are quite eager to put their hands on you and lock you up, but it is nothing a few American dollars cant fix.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Sao Paulo: Weed is not legal in Brazil but you can buy it almost anywhere. You should also visit the “favelas” – once inside a “favela” you can find weed in almost any street or “viela”. But that’s not a safe place at all to buy or consume, although you’ll see a lot of people doing it…). A safer way to purchase would be asking other tourists who have already been in Brazil for a while.

Sao Paulo Marijuana Prices: Notice that 1 Real= 2.3 US Dollar= 3Euro HASH 10 to 30 Reais a gram SKUNK. 20 to 50 Reais a gram WEED. 1 to 3.50 Reais a gram

Brands: Hash__low quality black, medium quality dark brown, high quality Marrocco Hash (light brown) or Charas.

Skunk__medium quality Homegrown, high quality imported skunks.

Weed__low quality 1 for 1g, medium quality 2 for 1g, high quality 3 for 1g

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  • SSR

    Hey Stephen, I will be in SP begining 10th November. Let’s see if we can catch up.. and smoke.

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  • hernique

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  • hernique

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  • hernique

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