Santa Barbara, CA, California

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5


Legislation: You can refer to the California cities; nothing is different here. There is a dispensory nearby and a couple more within an hour’s drive.

Proposition 215 in California since July 19, 2002, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1995, legalizes medical Marijuana use: “The possession and cultivation of marijuana is no more criminal — so long as (the law’s) conditions are satisfied — than the possession and acquisition of any prescription drug with a physician’s prescription.” CA Chief Justice Ronald George.

Law enforcement: Look, I.V. appears to be Lord of the Flies–kids running the island– but the I.V. Foot Patrol and Goleta cops are both looking for easy busts. They won’t look too hard but if they catch you, don’t expect to get out of a ticket, a fine and some time at the stupid Zone Oseca (however it’s spelled) courses. I never got caught (Jah be praised), but your chances are good of getting a possession ticket (they also are strict about booze even though everyone is drunk 8 nights a week).

Mainly patrol downtown, especially state street. Undercovers sometimes check downtown beach parking lots, just get out of your car and check out the beach and you shouldn’t have a problem, just keep an eye open.

Where to buy marijuana: If you are an out of towner, don’t just go up to someone on the street and ask. People are VERY friendly here, strike up a convo and mention. If you talk to one person, your odds are good, if you talk to ten, well, you’d have to be at some Mormon fraternity not to score.

Marijuana prices: $40-60 for an eighter, 70-110 for a quadaroon, 130-180 for a half zone. From there the prices vary a lot; there is a ton of herb in this town. I would estimate that every fourth house not only has a smoker but someone moving a little something at least.

Marijuana brands: Wide variety but TOP shelf stuff comes from the dispensories or a great friend. Your run of the mill stuff here is a helluva lot better than most places’ top notch, but compared to LA, San Diego, most of NorCal as well, eh, I’d say the buds are a little less favorable but also the prices are a little better if you know anyone at all.

Dispensories have top quality and plenty of students and other people will grow the clones they sell.

This is mostly I.V., the area near UCSB. Goleta is similar but more families are there, still if you look for college aged cats, pfft, no worries. Same with downtown but IV is the most convenient because of population density and demographics.

More information: Why is this the first entry on this kickass beach town? For shame, stoners 😉

This is a cool city, however downtown doesn’t offer as much for the under 21 crowd. Just like anywhere, you’ll have more fun if you have friends in the city. But the city is saturated with marijuana, so just play smart and you shouldn’t have any problems.