Saloniki – Thessaloniki, Greece

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: hash and marihuana laws dated back in the 30’s still exist and are in full use. A huge scandal with corrupted juges broke up a yeare ago and many of them went to jail. The penalty for posession and use came very high because the juges are afraid of beening accused of corruption. The prices of weed doubled imidiatlly.

Law enforcement: After the Olympic games of 2004 everything went bad. The number of cops on duty doubled so they are after everything. Stay away from cops of any kind. If you are tourists or foreign students you have less problem with justice in case you get caught. Low profile and a nice smile will get you out of truble most times.

Where to buy marijuana in Saloniki: In the center of the city and in the west side. If you are female just ask a rastaguy or potted guy on the street. The chances are extremely bigger. Don’t buy anything from junkies on the main squares – it’s a reep off. Locals prefer sharing instead of sellins to foreigners. In the islands on summer you will smell it everywere.

Saloniki marijuana prices: Prices per gram:

skunk 10 to 20 euro

maracess 10 to 20 euro both very rare.

The famous greek local kalamata stuff is super rare. Albanian grass is 85% of the weed smoked by the greeks today. It smells bad and it tastes bad. The price of albanian is 3 to 5 euro for one gram.

Strains: turkish, maracess, albanian, dutch, greek and bulgarian. Grass oil

More information: weed is illegal in greece and the limit of peronal use is about 5 grams. Until this limit cops may let you go always depending on the police officer.