Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: ILLEGAL

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Law enforcement: police will normaly take you to the police station and u might end up in jail for 5 to 10 years for buying and using in public and executed for selling!!

Where to buy marijuana: Go to marina mall in salmiya walk around the beach side and go to the basket ball courts and ask around or ask any cool looking guys in marina waves.

Marijuana prices: around 10Kd for a joint and 50Kd per a finger

Marijuana brands: afgani hash

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  • Guest

    Email me at and we can settle something.

  • aryan

    yea bro i need some this is my email

  • omar

    yo u can get anything u can imagine in kuwait, hash, Mari, heroi* , ice
    its all here and its everywhere u just need some right connections and then there is as much as u can pay for lol
    but if u get caught with the least amount u can imagine, or if u get caught high and u don’t have anything on u, your going for a ride to “fucked up land” lol
    so u gotta think it thoroughly first before doing anything stupid, is a joint really worth it? if it is for u then go ahead
    if ur into ice or heroi* that’s another story

    • anon

      I’m into heroin and glass man I really want some but I have no connections , can u link me ??