Rovaniemi, Finland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Categorized as a narcotic (not a hard one) since the sixties. New law determines that Any attempt of growing,even attemptin to grow,owing pots! owning seeds,ligts ,is now illegal.

For possession you will probably get fined, or if the cop is in a VERY good mood you might get away with it. If you are a tourist that is.

Law enforcement: The Rovaniemi police department is fucked up, so if you get caught with weed your holiday may be fucked. however if you are not toking in public (during “rush hour” in the center of town) you are very unlikely to get busted.

Not all cops know a lot about weed, so it’s quite easy to distract them. Remember not to get too drunk, because then you are most likely going to get busted if you have weed on you.

Where to buy marijuana: Finland is a non tolerant country when it comes to “drugs” and most of the people think that marijuana is the same as heroin etc., so don’t go asking around from random people. The best way to score some is to hook up with local pot heads (young people like skateboarders, hippie looking guys and shaggy youth). If this does not work you can always ask from a young male in a bar (best bars to score pot are Doris night, Cafe Tivoli and Amarillo), he most likely knows someone that tokes. Also teaming up with other toking tourists is a good deal, since some of us locals may have the balls to come and ask for weed from you. When this happens he or she most likely knows someone who grows or tokes.

There are some asian people who hang around the center during day time, and I have seen them smoking joints very openly, so you can ask them for weed. Just ask them “Ganja?” and they should understand.

Don’t get the wrong idea of Finnish people. We might seem shy or reluctant, but this is not the real deal.

Marijuana prices: geting a free toke or a joint is more usual, than to find a dealer who sells openly.

But if you run into a dealer he will probably ask for 10-20 euros per gram.

Ask to see or to smell the weed before you buy it!

Marijuana brands: The brands vary between shit leaves to very high quality buds. Usually a traveller or a tourist will get good weed, because us Finnish pot heads want for a good reputation.

Usual brands are some sort of indoor grown Skunks, Indicas and sativas, Northern lights, Kali Mist, Apollo 11 and so on. but remember that good buds are harder to find.

More information: All in All remember not to get too stoned in public. Someone might call the cops.