Rome, Italy


Marijuana is illegal, but is tolerated for personal useage. A new law may be passed allowing up to 5 grams of any drug for personal usage

Law enforcement

Cops are very relaxed in italy. They will aproach you if you are smoking in their face, but as long as you’re in a crowded piazza, or in your home, they don’t care at all. They are too busy flirting with girls and smoking cigarettes.

Where to buy marijuana in Rome

Definitely not campo!!!! That is a good place to score bad stuff.

Santa Maria in Trastevere, and the bar “san Calisto” close by. Look for pierced homeless types, and make eye contact. Remember that they will hook you up, if you pay more. Also, if you go to Termini Station and walk the streets near by. Find a few moroccans. Many of them have family/friends who dealers. They can give great deals for bigger purchaces.

“San Lorenzo, kind of a student district i suppose. just walk around and keep your eyes open. albanians mostly, shaved head, some tattoed and scary looking. Otherwise ask for a place called “trenta-due” (=32) just opposite of the “trenta-tre” (33 i suppose). alternative place, just ask someone, smoking is socially accepted there. Be careful though – and nice… ”

For cheap Weed (in buds) but still good quality, you should check out Piazza di Santa Caterina della Rota. To get there, just go on Campo de’ Fiori and ask where Caffé Perù is (That place is awesome if you don’t want to pay insane prices for your beer/cocktail). You’ll be there in seconds (google streetview –> There will most likely be one or more guys sitting in front of the church’s doorstep. If he’s not there, he might be sitting on the doorstep of the building on the left. Go there and ask the guy/guys for weed. He doesn’t bag his weed so be prepared and bring some kind of container (empty cigarette pack for example).

The price is about 10€ per gram, but he’ll overweight the shit out of it as he doesn’t put it in bags.

If you’re looking for hashish, Ponte Sisto (Piazza Trilussa) is the right place for ya. It’s pretty standard quality though and the Police likes to be in the Piazza, so make sure they’re not around! Just ask people on the bridge for weed. Some might ask you to do some roleplaying (go away from the bridge and then act like you’re meeting a good friend and do the exchange). Price is 10€ for 1g there too.


Rome marijuana prices

Hashish is about 10 euros a gram, but a 10 euro piece ranges from .7 -1.5 grams. 20 euros for 2-3 grams, 50 euros for 6-12 grams, 100 euros – 30-50 grams (look for morrocans for good deals). Weed is not totally worth buying, but it’s actually the same price or slightly cheaper.


Mostly moroccan hash, but sometimes good zero zero first press kinds of stuff. Also napal, and black afghani too. Weed is usually homegrown crap, but sometimes I find really nice orange bud. Well dried and cured.

More information

I have lived here a year now. I recommend making friends, and learning a tiny bit of italian. If you buy only from the streets it might not be good, but if you get to know a guy, he can hook you up with what he is smoking.