Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Import, export, send, make, buy, sell, expose to sell, offer, prescript, keep […] or deal drugs, even if for free: 5 to 15 years of jail and R$ 500 to R$ 1500 fine.

Although pro-Marijuana campaigns are ongoing in Brazil, Marijuana is illegal in all Brazil, and so is any related action: smoking, cultivating, purchasing, etc. However, there is substituting mandatory rehabilitation for users.

another reporter added: “illegal- but everyone smokes on the beach, and many hawkers are offering varying qualities of brick. mostly brown and shit- as well as cocaine and xtc..”

Law Enforcement: Police are intolerant, but can be persuaded with a good incentive…. or, as our Brazilian reporter said:” always watch for the police. They’ll want to find you doing something to get some money out of you!”.

So, to sum things up – the police are quite eager to put their hands on you and lock you up, but it is nothing a few American dollars cant fix.

another reporter added: “all over and looking for gringos smoking”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Rio de Janeiro : Weed is not legal in Brazil but you can buy it almost anywhere. You should also visit the “favelas” – once inside a “favela” you can find weed in almost any street or “viela”. But that’s not a safe place at all to buy or consume, although you’ll see a lot of people doing it…). A safer way to purchase would be asking other tourists who have already been in Brazil for a while.

There a few places much cooler to go and enjoy yourself (and even score some good weed) like Santa Teresa and Lapa.

another reporter added: “friendly brazilian smokers is best…

but everywhere on the beach is available from venders and hippies selling jewelry…..”

Rio de Janeiro Marijuana Prices: Marijuana is very cheap in Brazil, and Rio Marijuana prices reflect it. Weed prices range from USD 0.50 ( in the favelas; low quality weed ), USD 4.00 ( medium quality; not bad; from dealers ), to USD 15.00 ( very good quality; few dealers).

another reporter added: “2-5 R$ per gram

1R$= 2 US$”

Brands: Brazilian Marijuana is usually of poor quality and low potency. Finding high quality weed is rare, and costs much more. The hash is plentiful.

The best ones come from Colombia and Paraguay. Brazilian weed is in fact of lower quality, although one can find some good surprises now and then.

brick-compressed brown to green depending on how lucky you are 🙂

Country: Brazil

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -3 hours

Dialing codes: + 55 (Brazil) + 21