Richmond, BC, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It’s illegal to carry weed or hash on you but you are allowed to carry up to 14 grams of either hash or weed with out it being a criminal offence as this is the personal consumtion amount. If cought under this amount you will receive a ticket that is would be the same as a drinking in public ticket (185$ Canadian).

Law enforcement: The police do go out looking for smokers or people using the drug, it would be very common to walk aorund smoking a joint but don’t be stupid. Keep it to a park, or anywhere in the city central. Police will only hassel you if there are children around or poeple look upset. Most cops will grab your bag dump it on the ground and stomp it out if not take it and smoke it them selves.

another reporter added: “Regina City Police don’t really care if you’re smoking weed. They’re after the meth and crackheads. The worst that will happen is that it will get confiscated. If a cop stops you, remain calm, DON’T LIE, and be respectful. Nothing bad will happen.You might get to keep your stash.

Just don’t be stupid (ie: don’t walk around with an ounce, or a quarter chopped into grams. Surely you’re smarter than that)”

Where to buy marijuana: You can find weed everywhere. Downtown in the city centre will probably be the easiest for a tourest near Victoria Park or Scarth street. Most young people around the age of 16-25 all smoke so asking any of them is a shoe in. There is also a hemp shop downtown called Vintage Vinal don’t ask the staff as if they don’t know you they might kick you out, but hanging around there would not be a bad idea for most locals use this as there everyday smoking superstore. So have some persistance and you’ll be smoking in no time.

another reporter added: “A high percentage of the population smokes weed but they’re in the closet. What Regina has going for it is very friendly people. Go to a downtown pub and strike up a conversation with someone (if someone doesn’t beat you to it) and slip it in. If worst comes to worst someone will just smoke you up.

If you’re in Regina for business, ask someone “cool” at the business. Locals know where to get the good stuff. Good stuff = high quality + reasonable price.

It pays to be an extrovert, but people here frown on being used as pawns. Take the time to talk to someone and get to know them. You might even make a friend out of it.

I wouldn’t recommend buying weed at a nightclub. You probably won’t find anything other than harder drugs.”

Marijuana prices: Never pay more then 10$ Canadian a gram. People will try to get 15 or 20 if it’s really good but chances are if your know what your looking at tell them you only got 10. A quater of weed should run about 50-60 dollars pending the quality if you know a local 45 should cover it. Ounces run about 145-180 theres always a selection of weed and there all good so don’t feel bad getting the cheap stuff.Hash is more expensive about 20 a gram but rare to find unless you know a good dealer. More common then hash is Cherry or Honey oil made with pure THC this is about 50 dollars a cap (gram) but trust me nothing gets your higher off THC its known to some locals as Hippi Crack.

another reporter added: “Expect to pay $80 the first time you buy a quarter. Once a relationship is established it will probably go down.

You will never buy a gram of excellent weed. If all you want is a gram, you shouldn’t be on this site anyways. Expect to buy at least an 1/8th for $40. Even then, most people think that’s a waste of time. Your better off to buy a quarter.”

Brands: In Regina you can find anything from Purple Haze to Homegrown. Most all buds are hydro so don’t settle for anything less. The best bud you’ll come across is BC Bluebarry expect to pay more for this weed but it’s never a bad call. Most weed in Regina comes from Nelson, BC ask if it’s Nelson Bud and if it is your in for a treat. Hash comes in two kinds Bubble Hash (soft and brownish black) and Green Hash (all compact crystals) both good but hard to find. Then there is the cherry and honey oil witch I would recommend if you have never tried before.

BC Blueberry and BC Bubblegum is everywhere these days. Very high quality, stinky, smooth weed.

More information: If looking for Oil never buy Black Oil (looks pure black) as its made by locals who don’t know what there doing and it’s cut with some intence shit, it gets you high but it’s bad for you. Honey Oil is light in color sometimes clear (looks like honey) and cherry oil is dark with a reddish glow to it both should be thick a good test is to touch it with your finger and if it leaves a fingerprint it the oil your set. Also after buying the Oil take a hit and drop it in a glass of water if sinks to the bottom and stays togethor its pure. If it breaks apart and floats it’s cut so be carful.