Raleigh, NC, North Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Check the NORML website for detailed state laws. For possessio:

1/2 oz or less misdemeanor 30 days* $200

1/2 to 1 1/2 oz misdemeanor 1 – 120 days** $500 More than 1 1/2 oz felony 8 – 13 months Discretionary Fine

Law enforcement: Haven’t seen a lot of police activity.

Where to buy marijuana: Finding a consistent hook up for good green can be hard, but certainly possible with the number of universities in the area.

In a jam, Martin St. near downtown is a local open air drug market, but I’ve only got mid to low grade here.

Marijuana prices: Buds, sometimes high grade: $100 qtr, $300 – 350 oz.

Mid-low grade street weed: $10 for about a gram.

More information: Recently moved from the Pacific NW to Raleigh. After a year my experience is that what I get as highgrade here doesn’t compare to the best obtained in Portland and Seattle. However, Raleigh highgrade isn’t too disappointing.

Another difference seems to be the quality of weed obtained from street dealers. Usually I get seeded, stemmy weed in Raleigh, while in the NW the worst seemed to be a “light” bag of pretty good buds. Also, Raleigh street dealers often push coke even when you don’t ask for it.

Raleigh isn’t a bad place for a small-medium sized city…good weather, colleges around which means decent music. However, I’ve found that people here are not nearly as laid-back or open-minded compared to people you meet in Portland and Seattle.

I’ve had fun smoking on the NC coastline, at a Carolina Hurricanes NHL hockey game, and hanging out in the Five Points and Glenwood parts of the city.