Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Strict laws apply obviously but this is the city where pot flows freely. It’s unbelievable how easy it is and all you need to do is be discreet and smoke in your home. Pune cops only need INR50 to shut their mouth. You can get shut for ever if you screw up by acting oversmart or like a know-it-all; like all culturally imbalanced states in India, speaking the local tongue (Marathi) is a -plus of course.

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Law enforcement: Pune’s laws may be strict like Mumbai but the cvity is more or less chilled out; you can get a prison sentence of course for dealing but if you’re carrying worth two to three joints or let’s approximate to about a little less than an ounce (28grams approx.), you’re safe. Just keep INR50-100 to pay as baksheesh (cheap bribe); most cops are overweight and stupid so just be easy on them; they get offended easily especially if you’re a foreigner in the city.

Marijuana prices: Marijuana in all places is about INR50 for 10 grams to the maximum. Almost 100gms is availabe for INR250 and this is called a Jataak. Ask for one and you shall recieve.

Kilo quantities are also available although you’d have to pay an advance and place an order; sometimes the maal (marijuana) is delivered to your home.

Brands: This is a hard one; the marijuana that is available is mostly from Andhra Pradesh and occasionally, from Karnataka. However, it is possible to get excellent sattvic marijuana during the “season” which is post September when the rains have subsided the grass is green. Generally this marijuana is from Orissa or Kerala.

More information: Most of the drug business in Pune is family run and you might find yourself dealing with old women and sometimes older men; some of the dealers in the city area are young and sometimes educated.

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  • kushagra

    where to find the best weed in pune

  • kushagra

    where to buy best stuff in pune “the best”

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    LSD with anyone ?

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    Anybody got Manala or any better hash…money no issue..
    Will appreciate if I can get a contact

  • riya

    Does anyone provide stuff nearby nigdi??

  • Jack

    I think I found the restaurant but I’m not sure what a panwadi is. I suppose it must have been the little street stand that was selling tea, water and single smokes to minors but I’m still pretty sheepish to ask.

  • Amit

    yes we can discuss mail

  • Amit

    Yes laila can discuss mail

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    Hey I got gud stuff NY1 intrstd in joinin me … contct me ..🌿

    • Sid XXX

      Where do u stay. I would love some company.

  • Slasher

    Came to Pune two days ago and absolutely new to this place. Tried asking the auto walas (like we did it in the past in Delhi) about the stuff and gotta strange look from them. Staying in Baner- this would be very helpful if anyone can help me with location in Baner. Missing the ganja high!!!

  • Slasher

    Mahadev….. That was really helpful.. m/

  • Nitish_PotH3AD

    guys i live in baner…..
    someone said bout scorin in baner…..

  • Nitish_PotH3AD

    guys can sum1 tell me from where can i score shamanic herbs like salvia leaves or sumthin?

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