Puerto Viejo, Costra Rica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Costa Rica, and so is any related action.

Members of the Public Security Ministry’s Special Support Police (PAE), also known as the “Mountain Police,” search for and manually destroy marijuana fields in the mountainous regions of northern and southern Costa Rica.

Law enforcement: Very passive- you can smoke in front of the police station. they do NOTHING. do NOT try to bribe officials.

Where to buy marijuana in Costa Rica: Along the beach anywhere! Ask the rastas or vendors.

by Johnny’s place or playa negra in Pt.viejo.

Costa Rica marijuana prices: 5-6 joints=$4 or 2,000 colones. in 2006 500 colones= 1.00usd.

Brands: creeper

most is very stemmy or seedy