Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illagal in Mexico, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: Don’t smoke in public, but in your hotel rooms it’s cool! Not a lot of cops around to bug you.

Large presence, but not in your face. Be respectful and don’t stand out. Keep an eye out on beaches, they patrol on foot and by 4 wheeler, I believe some are also horseback. Also everyone says not to get involved with the Federales, national police. I didn’t have any problems but if you aren’t in good condition to be searched you’ll want to be careful of them stopping you, no need for probable cause down here. They had one public beach gaited off and were spot checking people as they came in. I was on my way out and had they been searching I would have been in a wee pickle.

Where to buy marijuana: Bought from a guy selling parasailing on the beach. He had what must have been an ounce of goodlooking almost seedless lime green buds in a baggie. He offered it for 50USD but I told him it was too much. I was only going to be there a week and wanted less. He was unhappy about it but eventually split the bag in half and let us take that for 25.

I did not haggle with him because I had been offered other bags of weed, though for only 2 or 3 dollars that were bone dry and mostly seeds and stems, I was so happy to have found such nice green I quickly payed the price.

My friend and I later rolled a spliff and smoked it in the hotel room. Just after we got done a guy from the security staff knocked on the door and said “huele como marijuana aqui” which means “it smells like marijuana out here(in the hallway)” We returned blank and somewhat apprehentious stares. Then he asked for some coca cola. More blank stares. I then said in spanish that we didn’t have any coca cola, only pepsi. After a few more moments he smiled and said goodbye. It was only then that my friend clued in to the fact that the guard was asking for cocaine. Anyway, he knew we were blitzed and let us off with a smile. And we spent the rest of our time in Puerto Vallarta blissfully stoned on some excellent reefer.

and also: ” Anywhere, but taking a trip out to yelapa is probably your safest bet. Buy from a Gringo because you run less risk that way. In my time there I saw a truckload of cops unloading in front of the police station one with a visible badge and gun wearing a teeshirt with a large weed leaf on it and carrying a black backpack..same as the vendors you see on the beach.

Marijuana prices: $200 Pesos ($20 US) decent amount of good green sticky bud. I had to dry it out to smoke it because it was very wet. and also: “Anywhere from a QP, yeah you heard right, for 20 US to 50 for an ounce, this was nearly sensi, light green, sticky but not so potent herb.”

Marijuana brands: No names, mostly local, most outdoor, some indoor.

More information: This place is really touristy and best seen early in the season or if you can stand the heat and humidity then come during the rainy season, which incidentally is High fungus season! and: Smooth moke- lots of giggles and munchies!!