Psay, Phillipines

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: You can get death penalty of life sentence for dealing, be very careful because if they catch you even with some you will have to pay some expensive bribe..

Law enforcement: watch out for the local police, especially the special drug enforcement unit called PEDEA. They are so stupid they might think you are into it. Although policemen can be easily bribed, don’t let it reach the station if not you will have shell out a large amount, apart for the fact you have to use their john (it’s fucking dirty)

Where to buy marijuana in Pasay: Look for the place called HIVE in Pasay (clue: it’s really near the city mayor’s house).

Pasay Marijuana prices: It’s quite cheap. money for nothing Ganja for free.

Brands: very nice homegrown stuff..:)



More information: As in all Asia you have to be very careful who you ask, cause sometimes you feel like everybody is just trying to rip you off, but once you meet the right people you will see..:) smoking with filipinos and filipinas is very cool, they are super friendly and you can be quite amazed by the way the think..good luck.