Preston, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Cannabis is a Class C drug in Britain. It has the lowest penalties: a maximum of two years and/or unlimited fine for possession; five years and/or unlimited fine for trafficking. It includes tranquillisers, some less potent stimulants, and mild opioid analgesics (eg buprenorphine which is used in the treatment of opioid dependency). It also includes liquid cannabis, cannabinol and cannabinol derivatives (THC) (as of Jan 29, 2004).

Law enforcement: don’t smoke outside the police stations and you should never come to any harm

Where to buy marijuana: there’s endless sources here but at street level it’s complicated, best bet is to ask students or make some long haired friends in the Adelphi its a scream bar on ringway

Marijuana prices: hash 5-15 pound an eigth, regular weed 40 pound an ounce, skunk 90-140 pound an ounce, depending on source and quantity

Marijuana brands: rocky, squidgy black, schwag, thai, various skunk