Prague, Czech Republic

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Although the marijuana legalisation movement in .cz is highly active, marijuana is not legal in Prague yet.

Law Enforcement: Smoking weed is tolerated. Most common is smojing weed on streets, or in some pubs and in allmost all normal music clubs (no disco).

If you’re not causing problems, u can smoke everywhere, on the streets, in pleasances….

Where to buy marijuana in Prague: To buy marijuana, all you do is keep an eye open for those who are smoking, if you are friendly they will sell some or direct you. The headshops also provide a good source, however headshops are starting to change their image to being more legit. Never buy from dealers in the street that walk by and whisper Marijuana like in amsterdam. What they will do is talk you into it, explain they saw cops and can’t show you, then give you a half second peek and sell you fake weed. This is a huge problem and never to be bought from.

Our local reporter added: “Go to the big clock in the square, to your right you will see an old church, to the left of that church is a walkway. Take that walkway through a long court yard. when you walk out from the courtyard, you will pass under an awning.

There is a great bar. with the initials C.R. with the french word for red. Go inside have a drink. The beer is cheap, there are tons of people from all over the world. Have a drink, and ask the bar tenders. If none of the dealers are around, be patient.. They will show every few hours. Expect to pay more than the locals though..

Its great. Some will have stuff from amsterdam, but there avg is hard to come by in the U.S. depending on your location.

Whatever you do dont buy on the main square, Its a ripoff.”

and our most recent report is: “Im an American expat stoner thats been living in Prague for a little over a year. The report about “C.R.” is correct. (CR stands for Chateau La Rouge) It is your best bet if you just arrive into Prague and want some quality smoke quick and with little hassle at a fair price. Although I dont recommend asking the bartenders. Im not saying not to, its just not needed. Look for any number of gentlemen of African descent in or near the bathrooms. You cant miss them. Friendly as hell and always got good weed. Prague is very liberal on weed, you have nothing to worry about. There are several places in Prague that are basically nothing more than Amsterdam style coffee shops, where you just walk in and order weed from the bartender, sit down, roll up, and smoke on the premises. The names of most of them I wont give out as they are not really geared to the backpacker stoner tourist, but if you hang out long enough you will definitely find them. One that does gear itself towards tourists is called Reggae Bar, its right off the main square. If you are standing at the bottom of the square and looking up towards the museum, its on the 3rd street down from it on your right. You cant miss it. Any of the buskers on the square can point you to it. Just walk in and sit down and someone will come up to you and offer you weed, they know you are a tourist and they know why you are there. Dont try and haggle, prices are going to run you anywhere from 250 a gram (12 bucks)to 500. 500 is club prices and you just paid way too much. You can always find weed in clubs like Roxy, but you will pay more. Just look for the black gentlemen milling about the restrooms. They got everything from coke to pills. Pills in Prague are very cheap and generally very good quality. If you can avoid it, avoid buying off the street. You will be offered it but you will spend way too much and the quality is shit. If, and I know this is going to sound strange, if a gypsy offers you drugs do not take them. They are ALWAYS shit and you also run the risk of being robbed or pick pocketed. Prague is a great place and very liberal when it comes to weed, you can smoke just about anywhere. Ive had cops walk right by me while I was smoking and they just look at you and keep on going, its fantastic. If you can make it past 5 am between Thursday and Sunday you must visit Le Clan. You will never be the same. Also check out Cross Club.”

Prague Marijuana Prices: about 250-350

krowns for a gram is the general rate depending on the person.

An addition by our local reporter: “1gm= 500czk a little over a quarter by U.S. standards. I am told the Locals pay 250czk for the same.. but hey its still a good deal where I am from.

Brands: Skunk tends to be the dominating type of weed found in Prague, and is quite tasty yet not as potent as you will find in other places.

Another reporter added: “Very strong allmost holland-type models.”

Country: Czech Republic

time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour

Dialing codes: + 420 (Czech Republic)

More information: Don’t buy from streetdealers, they will rip u off in 96.8%:( specially dont buy it on the streets, it will be only asphalt:(