Pottsville, PA, Pennsylvania

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Updated: 30/07/2008

Smoking tolerance level: On a scale from 1 to 5 (Five meaning pretty much Legal) i’d say a 3

Legislation: Possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. The penalties for possession of greater than 30 grams increase to a possible one year in prison and a fine up to $5,000. But in Pottsville if you get busted even in your home your get Probation.

Law enforcement: Pottsville City cops are quick and fast, Don’t ever try to run your have Every cop in a 10mile radius on your tail with’inhonestly five minutes! Pottsville is a nice city, there’s crime but if your careful your be alrite, Pottsville as far as the people are concerned are Very stoner friendly! If your new to the area and living here your have a connect within a week, But finding weed around the city sometime’s can be hard if your just visiting.

Pottsville Police do their job and they do it well. Most are decent middle class people like us, I never gotten my ball’s busted for weed here and i lived here my whole life. But harder stuff will get you locked up quick out here. Under cover’s are everywhere hardcore looking for cocaine,herion, things of that nature most cops or dea don’t care much about marijuana in small quanities…they rather go for a big bust!

Where to buy marijuana: Stoners and people in general in Pottsville are smart about everything they do, Due to the new Drug laws in the city, The best way to find bud would be for any black dude or spanish who looks like there from eather Reading or Philly. Most Dealers out here come from NY,Philly or Reading 99/9% of the time in my opinion. But most are not selling bud, only harder stuff. But most bud out here is pottsville grown or some high grade strain, This city never goes dry!

and also: “Pottsville is a cunfusing city, pretty much stay on rt.209 throught the city and look for anyone out on the corners, check for random stoner’s in alleys. People in pottsville are very cool (very friendly) you should have NO problem’s finding a cool stoner and or some bud in the city of pottsville. Try around the college’s penn state in schuykill haven, Or the best place in the world for high class bud just stay on Rt.209 North from pottsville and try Jim thorpe and tamaqua areas!!!

Marijuana prices: We got all kinds

regs $25– quarter $100 oz

high mids (sticky green) $35-50quarter $120-150 oz

KB local $50-60quarter $200-250oz

Anything medical or high end such’ as GREAT headies or beasters or anything great is $300-500 oz that i seen around here. we got all kinds of buds around here.

and also: “Regs$ 20-25 Quarter

High Mids$30-45 Quarter

Nugs or anyother high grade Bud $60-100 Quarter

Oz of Regs $60-100

Oz of High Mids $ 110-160

Oz of Nugs $175-225

Beasters/headies (pottsville grown) $200-300

Outdoor (good local strains) $250-400 oz (Great Medical bud)

and theres more, i can even begin to start, this town rocks in my opinion.”

Marijuana brands: White widow,ak-47,mango,sweetDreams,Headies,Beasters,Middies,Regs,Kind buds, Bang Bang is a GREAT local strain (good head high!!) And all other kinds of buds.

white window,Super Skunk, Ak-47,Philly Fire,Local

buds,headies,purple,medical from NY,Vt or somewhere eles.

More information: Im from South philadelphia and in philly weed is really relaxed you can smoke a blunt walking down the street with no worry’s. Now i live in pottsville due to my job and i love it. I never go dry out here and i can find better strains all the time out here.

and More information: If you can’t find anything for some reason. Just look around the city and ask the rite person and your be good to go. Pottsville has alot to see with america’s oldest brewery and america’s best beer in our city, We are a party City. the burger kings and all fast food joints are open all nite for all you stoners, and almost every street corner has a soda machine and or a mom and pop restruant!