Plattsburgh, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New York state, and so is any activity related to marijuana (possession, cultivation, and of course dealing).

For small amounts (less than 25 grams) first time offenders, there is no Incarceration, and a fee of $100.

Punishment for possessing a small but commercial quantity is 1-3 years (not less than 1, not more than 3).

Updates from criminal justice officials in NYC:

“1- By law, you’re supposed to see a judge within 24 hours of arrest

2- 1st time small amount offenders are almost always offered to have their cases adjourned 1 year and dismissed so long as they are not rearrested. IN all likelihood rearrests in other jurisdictions will not have the case reoppened.

3- It is not a crime to posses small amounts, I do not have the exact weight off hand. It is only a crime if you pass a threshold weight, you have your weed in public view or it is actually burning.

4- They will arrest and prosecute you for residue: e.g., an empty pipe or bag.”

Law enforcement: Plattsburgh Police & Clinton County cops up here in ”northern Country” New York are really relax’ed, Marijuana is not a big deal up here like most place’s i’ve been too, But Plattsburgh has any and every kinda drug your looking for, Most dealers out here are old convicts from state prison who grow in large amounts.

Where to buy marijuana: Plattsburgh Like Burlington, Vermont (rite across the Lake). Is a really relaxed place there’s all types up here. Goths,Punks,Skaters and thug’s, but everyone is nice and calm there’s not much drama out around here just alot of partying’.

Down town Plattsburgh is a good spot to find some tree’, Walk down Cornelia Street Or Broad Street or any of the side streeets Such as Brinkerhoff Street and look for random Stoners and just ask but don’t be shady about it, like i said its real relaxed out here so there’s no reason to get all worryed, Plattsburgh is a pretty safe city.

Marijuana prices: $2.1Gram dimes of good green buds is $10

$20 a 1/8

$40 a 1/4

$80 half-o

$140 Oz

theres many different types of weed in plattsburgh,NY and very pentiful we never get low on anything or any type theres always tons of different strains up here, canada is only a 45minute drive up rt.87 so theres always tons of stains and different drugs flowing through plattsburgh all year around.

Marijuana brands: white rhino,white widow,purple haze (always around),Sour diesal,Northern lights,Vermont medical buds (always around), primo BC and canadian buds (always around) Snow white and escobar type stuff is always around here too.

More information: plattsburgh, NY is a great place for anyone we have everything you can want in a big city with a small town vibe.