Pittsburgh, PA, Pennsylvania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. The penalties for possession of greater than 30 grams increase to a possible one year in prison and a fine up to $5,000.

Law Enforcement: From first hand experience, cops have a pretty lax attidude, for city cops, toward small amounts of bud. As always it depends on the cop, but if you are respectful and calm a person can usually walk away from an incident with the authorities.

The police in the city arent out looking for people getting high, they are mainly looking for the dealers, dont make yourself obvious though. If you are stopped by a nice cop and if you have under 3 grams, he most likely wont charge you with possession, if you get caught with a bowl, they most likely will not care. On the other hand, if you make your way into the suburbs, such as the south hills, which is home to some of the richest communities in allegheny county, you will find that the police are very hardcore. Dont get yourself caught in a town like Mount Lebanon or Upper Saint Claire.

Where to buy marijuana in Pittsburgh: As a traveler marijuana is not easy to find. Your best bet would be to walk through oakland and ask somebody, or walk through the shadyside or squirrel hill and ask the kids. If you live in Pittsburgh marijuana is abundent, and easy to get, but most pittsburgher’s arent vocal about who they buy from so its best to find a friend or family member with a connection.

another report we received is: “Around downtown and oakland are good bets, especially around the college campuses like pitt or CMU. Oakland always has craaaazy parties. suprisingly enough, squirrel hill has a pretty consistent flow of weed available. smoke shops are always a good bet. during the summer, flagstaff in oakland is definitely a hotspot… mary jane is usually within an arm’s reach.”

and another report we received is: “Downtown, Oakland, walk around main roads in local neighborhoods in the area and try to make some friends. People in the Burgh can be pretty paranoid when someone they don’t know come asking, but if you find a common ground they may help you out. Unfortunately though, lots of the local stoners make all their weed from other peoples’ bags, so just use your dome, tell anyone who’s helping that you’ll smoke them and they won’t pinch your bag. Beware of people trying to sell their shitty, wet beasters as brand name headies. ”

and also: “Typically the campuses out in Oakland and the East End are a pretty good place to pick up some haze, but its real easy to get ripped off too. If you look in the burbs you’re gonna pay a better price and get a better quality (and take a lesser risk). Sq. Hill is getting better to pick up too…”

“About Sq. Hill: If you happen to be cruisin’ through, or just live in the area, there are a few key spots to get weed. Forbes Avenue is getting more dealers just hanging out by the day. The majority is just highschool students, but they’ll get what you need. Local smoke shops will have dealers right inside. It may be strange, but check the local grave yards. Stoners gather from far and near.

Otherwise, just roam around the back alley’s. Generally, if they look like they smoke, they probably do.”

and also: “Try walking up and down forbes ave between shady and murray in sq hill looking for high-school kids because even if they dont have any to sell they will definitely get you some near by, if they trust you. The only thing that is stands between you and bud in pittsburgh, is gaining someones trust, so be chill and patient. ”

and : “Around McKees Rocks is a really good place to get some weed. Just ask the locals for good deals and hookups, you’ll find what you need in no time.”

and: “Hazlewood, Grrenfield, Shadyside, Oakland and Squirrle Hill.”

Marijuana Prices in Pittsburgh: The mids around here can vary a lot in quality but there are some pretty damned good mids–some are about or nearly dro-quality, but then, some are just average. 1/8: about $25; 1/4: about $40; 1/2: about $70; an ounce runs about $120.

beasters and dro are widely available, pretty easy to get, but if you don’t have a steady/reliable dealer then these two can be interchangeable. but it doesn’t really matter. 1/8: about $40 kb is not so widely available but isn’t hard to find or anything. prices vary, from 15-20 a gram. 1/8: about $40-50 depending.

nuggets can sometimes be more available than, say, kb..expect about $20 a gram. same for headies.

our most recent price report is: “For mid-grains which pittsburgh is known for the price will range from 10-25 for 1/8, Half Ounce can be from 75-100, and an Ounce can be from 150-180.

For Good Shit your looking at 40-50 for an 1/8, 75-90 for a quarter, 130-180(people will rip you off) for a half ounce, and 220-300 an ounce.

and also: “Pittsburgh has the biggest varity of brands that i have seen in any city so with any amount of money you can get some bud. You can find anything from reggie to the top name brands if you know where to look. Unfortunately a vistor to pittsburgh with no connections has a very little chance of getting anything better than mids.”

and : “Since Pittcburgh is “flooded with headies” as i have heard someone say, you can expect to pay around 60-65 an eight (referred to as a cut in Pittsburgh) for headies. Once you go up to the dank studd you can very well expect to pay anywehre from 70-100 an eight. (this is not an exaggeration) Ounces of Haze aka Piff start at 500 and can go for up to as much as 650.

Beasters are everywhere also which run for about 40-45 an eight and 225-275 an ounce. Not too many mids around, but they will run for 20-30 an eight and 80-125 an oz.”

Brands: Its very hard to find brand name nuggets in Pittsburgh but every once in awhile you may find some Purp, or Blueberry, but you have to watch out for people passing out dro saying its some brand name nugget.

Brand name strands can be hard to find in pittsburgh if you don’t know just where to look…sources for brand names can be found more readily in the suburbs but you will most likely pay a premium because often suburban people are stupid and pay too much and get their heads bashed in.

brands i’ve seen available lately: white widow, purple haze, orange crush, bubblegum, blueberry.

another reporter added: “I’ve seen some real good Dro, Bubblegum, Blueberry, Silver Lining and Northern Lights around here though (for a steep premium). Hard to come by, though.”

and also:”There are many different brands that i have seen go through pittsburgh including white widow, blueberry, trainwreck, and many kinds of kush, but the most common would have to be normal dro that is still not bad”

and: “I have seen almost eveythign is Pittsburgh. The steadiest strain being HAZE, which is usually refered to as Purp or Piff. Also various other strains include Trainwreck, Blueberry, (Lots of Fruity weed in Pittsburgh), trainwreck, oompa loompa, bubba kush, black dominia, manitoba poison, amnesia haze, romulan, grandaddy purp, silver haze, nyc diesel, sour diesel, cali mist and purple kush. Sometimes the dankest buds will not smell at all since they are usually brough in from somewhere else and are stripped of their scents.”

More information: Unlike most citys Drugs are being brought into the city by the suburbs ( most of the time mill towns where the mill closed and crime is uncontrollable) Towns Like Homestead, Duquesne, Hazelwood. You will be sure to find dealers in those towns.

Midgrade ranges from really shitty to welfare nuggets, shitty beasters are all-over, but you’re better off with the midgrade for the price. Headies do make an appearance with tags such as AK-47 and Blueberry, but it’s always from someone you know, and always gone within a day or 2. Alot of the nugget you do find though is really wet, but some people know how to dry their weed before selling it.

Have fun in Pittsburgh if your traveling there. The weed is pretty good, you just have to find yourself a good connection.