Pittsboro, NC, North Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of one half ounce or less is punishable by up to 30 days in jail, most likely suspended. Possession of greater than one half ounce is punishable by 1 – 120 days in jail, with a possibility of community service or probation in lieu of jail. Possession greater than 1.5 ounces increases the penalties to 8 – 13 months in jail.

Penalties for sale, delivery or manufacture are increased if the sale occurs within 300 feet of a school zone if the offender is over 21 and if the sale was made to a minor or to a pregnant woman.

The state allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions. Usually, conditional release lets a person opt for probation rather than trial. After successfully completing probation, the individual’s criminal record does not reflect the charge.

Law enforcement: Fairly lax I’ve driven around town more than a couple thousand times blazing joints and blastin my music, might get a blink. Town is a hippie/farmer hybrid with an organic veggie and homegrown artist dealie goin on.

Where to buy marijuana: Be social! Honestly best places to find herb in this area without living here is go to chapel hill (local college town) bout 8 miles from pittsboro, definetley check out the downtown area and all the local headshops..be discrete and youll be able to tell who to buy from from looks usally.

Marijuana prices: 270$ – 320$ for an oz of beast to heads.

Marijuana brands: regular beasters, headies often brought down from asheville and homegrown.

More information: lots of great hidden places to smoke, explore!