Passau, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Please remember that you can go to jail in bavaria for possesion of any amount of weed… that is not a must of course, but possible… and an unpleasant experience in any case, especially if you do not speak German.

The posession of marijuana for personal use is tolerated, as long as the amount does not exceed a quantity of 10 grams. Nonetheless, I would not suggest traveling around the city with 10 one gram baggies in your pocket.

Law enforcement: The cops won´t search you or anything, unless you make yourself suspicious somehow, but it isn´t too smart to smoke on the street. Do it at home and nothing will ever happen. If you´re busted with less than 5 g (or, in fact, with so little that the cops will not assume that you´re dealing) you might be taken in for a night, which isn´t as harsh as it sounds here in Germany, and then nothing else will happen to you.

another reporter added: “Passau is a beautifull city, but it is by far the most conservative in the whole country (trust me I grew up there). It is one of the few places in western germany that actually has an active very right wing, xenophoic party scene. Cops are very strickt and “drugs,” which to them are all the same. Cops often times refer to drugs as “poison” and tokers as “poisoners”. and they are not refering to dealers. I would strongly caution against smoking in anywhere in public, especially if you do not know the area.

Also please remember that cops in Passau and Bavaria as a whole are racist to an extend that you rearely find in the UK or the US these days (exclude the deep south). If you are not white please be extra carefull moving about this area. ”

Where to buy marijuana: Best is to talk to either college students or people who look middle eastern. Chances are you ll have to ask a lot of people before you get lucky, but neither group will be bothered to much by your questions. They ll peopably tell you to fuck off, but they might just know someone. General advise for all of Bavaria: avoid anyone with a button down shirt or leather shoes… your best chance are the obvious rasta/bob marley shirt guys, but also guys who skateboard (just make sure they look at least high school age)…

Marijuana prices: The price range 5-10 euros pr gram is generally correct (also you generally won’t be able to buy more than a few grams at a time), but the quality is usually pretty low. most of the stuff you get (especially without a connect) is going to be standard marroc hash… that kinda feels and tastes more like dirt. i will get you high, but is not pleasant. weed if any is mostly from eastern europe and of mediocre quality. if somone has good weed he might smoke some with you, but he sure as hell won’t sell it to you.

Strains: mostly maroc hash (low quality) some weed (outdoor grown – low quality) people will tell you what great brands their weed is – most popular claims are white widow and orange bud, but noone really knows what the shit is they are smoking very rarely you ll find somone who has good homegrown or dutch or swiss stuff… you’ll imediatly recognize that just buy smelling and looking at the pot.

More information: Smoking pot is virtually 100 % tolerated among the youth of Germany, and mostly by others, not however by the cops. Remember: the more down South you go, the less Marijuana is tolerated by the police.

Passau is about as far away from holland as you can be in germany and the main supply route the A3 is one of the most policed highways in the whole country. that makes it extremly difficult to get good weed. Also: don’t even think of transporting weed in a car on the autobahn and if you go to the check republic do not bring any back and do not smoke before driving back… they will make you take a drug test. also please remember that the cops in germany can totally take apart your car and even do a full cavity body search without any recaourse or warrant. and trust me if you have shaggy hair, wear baggy pants or are a group of 2 or more males between 16 and 30 chances are pretty high (and that means about 10%) that you and your car will be frisked at the border. also be carefull around the trainstation and the trains in passau. though train stations are usually good places to find someone who has or sells weed (at least in germany). passau is one of the most heavily policed train stations in the country. so stay away from it… again double your caution if you are arabic/middle eastern looking and tripple it if you are african. it is sad that i have to say that, but that is the way it is around here

WeBeHigh City Tale:

At the very southeast part of Germany there is the city of Passau, lovely seated at the crossing point of three rivers. It is a very good place to go for a vacation in summer, you will find calm places like forests, hills, lakes, as well as a lot good pubs and party events.

Passau is a border city between Germany and Austria; Czech Republic is only a few kilometers away. For these reasons, the area has always been well provided with cheap and good weed from the plantations in eastern European countries, mainly Czech Republic. It costs between 3,50 and 5 Euro per gram. Holland weed has always been very rare and expensive (4,50 up to 12 Euro per gram dealers take) here because of the long distance and the strict repression on marihuana users in south Germany generally.

Today, the situation has changed in a happy positive way for stoners in this area: The University of the city is growing in buildings and branches of study opportunities, and the almost 9000 Students are more and more growing their own stuff. During the last 2 years, professional growing equipment has become affordable and easily to order. German speaking web communities like provide you with very good advice in taking good care for your plants. Really good homegrown Marihuana costs between 4 and 8 Euro per gram in Passau.

So the best thing to do for a visiting stoner is to go to the campus of the university and ask “suspicious” dudes for a good smoke. Even easier to get to know stoners is to watch out for flyers of students partys, there are plenty of them.

Although Passau has not a big downtown area with its 55000 citizens, nightlife shows a good variety of different places to go. Along the rivers there are many lovely pubs, cocktail bars, clubs and discotheques. Typically german beergardens are located on hills at places with great views over the so called “Tree-River-Triangle”.

There are also a lot good arts exhibitions, museums and impressive buildings located in the old part of the city with its beautiful alleyways. At the cone point of the Three-River-Triangle, there are often cultural open air events of all kind like comedy and livemusic.

Finally an important warning: The Cops are very restrictive about smokers in this area, so take good care! Do not drive in car when stoned and do not light a joint in the streets!