Paradise Island, Bahamas

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Smoking marijuana is illegal in all of the Bahamas. Smoking tobacco, however, is permitted inside and around virtually all establishments.

Law enforcement: The Atlantis is virtually police-free. There are many secuirty guards dressed in all white, but don’t be scared to walk by with a blunt or even offer a hit. Some will even direct you to how to buy it. Numerous cab drivers and security guards told us to stay clear of buying on the beach because of physical danger and possible undercover cop activity.

Saw 1 cop on Paradise Island. Looked like he smokes. They seem real laid back. I don’t think they mess with tourists much, because without them, they would be poverty stricken and destitute.

Where to buy marijuana: I watched the rental guys on the beach sitting under an umbrella getting wasted waiting for a tourist to come up and give them $140 for an hour on a Waverunner. I was approached by a couple other locals who asked “you alright mon?” I watched them roll and smoke continuous blunts while they get paid to do what the rest of us pay to do. Looks like a real tough way to make a living. I think I’m moving. Matched one up with a local, and it was fair

In the Atlantis – Walk through the casino away from the Royal towers. You will reach a circle of shops, stay to the right and exit towards the Marina and Marina village any time after 8 p.m. Look for the biggest blackest guys hailing cabs. They’ll immediately ask if you need a cab. Say no and linger and they’ll pull you aside and ask if you need some green or white. Sometimes the cab routine isn’t even used and they will just ask what you’re looking for.

Marijuana prices: They claim average prices…$90 quarters and $280 dollar ounces. Usually, however, you’ll be asked how much you want to spend, and given given some plastic or newspaper-wrapped nugget…that is if you’re lucky enough to get any nugget. I was offered an “ounce” that could not have been more than 10-12 grams. Be prepared to get ripped off (blow starts at 100 a gram and 300 for an 8-ball).

More information: Awesome place. Atlantis was so cool. Everyone in Nassau looks like they burn. However be forewarned…the weed sucks. It’s extremely low quality, tastes awful and is filled with seeds. I highly suggest you buy some nicely flavored blunt wraps, pick out the seeds and stems, and enjoy.