Papua New Guinea, Papa New Guinea

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: The drug laws strictly prohibit the possession and use of any quantity of cannibis.

Law enforcement: The laws are strictly enforced by courts. Sentences for possession of ANY quantity of cannibis tend to start at 3 years for 1-28 grams, and are as high as 10 years for dealing quantities. That said, police are amongst the world’s most corrupt, so if you are caught in possession, you should immediately ask for a “ticket” and “fine” for this offence. K20-K50 (USD 5-12) is an appropriate amount.

Most of the people who get caught are poor, and do not have the resources to bribe or defend themselves (police always cut corners with prosecutions so a decent lawyer will be able to get anyone off). General society tends to view marijuana use with the same seriousness that heroin or cocaine are seen in most developed countries.

Where to buy marijuana: Mini street vendors that sell cigarettes, drinks and a local chewing nut will always know where to score, or have some themselves. Be sure to not score in front of police though, and dress down (shorts, t-shirt, unshaven etc – this avoids attracting attention, as white foreigners will always stand out on the streets, since foreigners tend to drive places, not walk). A better alternative is asking security guards (common on nearly every large building, apartment or shop) to score for you and highlight the possibility of repeat business, or a second payment on delivery, to ensure they do not run off with your cash.

Sellers at markets will also have stuff on hand, or nearby contacts, but avoid asking women and guys over say 25ish. The women are likely to be mothers with pothead sons who may turn you over to cops or at least give you a lecture about clean living and god.

Lastly, and most easily and discreetly, the caddies at Port Moresby golf course can always provide you with weed on course, or nearby the entrance if you don’t play golf.

Marijuana prices: Weed is most commonly sold as individual foil wrapped buds, for K1-2 (USD $0.30-$0.60) each. Prices tend to vary based on demand, not quality, since hydroponic or imports are not available.

Marijuana brands: Gear throughout the country tends to be grown naturally in the highlands and transported. Dealers will very rarely carry varieties. Quality is dependant on demand – in summer at the coast, high demand will result in high prices for average dry gear. At other times, tight neat potent bud will be cheap. It can be somewhat random.