Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Aruba.

Law enforcement: Police in Aruba are scarce. Do not walk down the street with a joint in your mouth and no one will bother you. Security guards will not bother you, nor do they care.

Where to buy marijuana in Aruba: Beaches and main streets. Look for the stoner types sitting around.

Oranjestad Marijuana prices: 20 a gram 50 for 1/8 and 100 for 1/4

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3 Responses to “Oranjestad, Aruba”

  1. O'Brian

    Had a very easy time finding it. Walk down the main drag in Oranjestad at night, you will probably see people smoking on the streets. Ask them where you can get some and within 1 min you will have some handed to you. It is sort of pricey. $50 will get you about 3 medium sized nugs. I would consider both my weed purchases of moderate quality. If you wanna be real sexy, gut out a cuban cigar and fill it up with weed. Americans will be hard pressed to have that opportunity again.

  2. mkike

    i bought a bowl down town and immediately a guy comes out of no where and offers to fill it for me. but when i tried to find some everyone else i asked “no habla english”. went back to the sketchy shadow man who brought me to a car around the corner. the bud was brown and looked dry, but when i took it back to the resort, it was still pretty sticky but no real smell. $60 for an 8th of decent mids, next time i’l just bring my own

  3. chris

    I had a rasta hat on and that first night walking downtown I was approached by someone asking if I wanted any. He wrote down his cell phone and said to call him whenever. I hit him up a few hours later (had to dodge family) and he asked where I was located and met me across from my hotel outside the Subway. I believe I paid $40/g, and he had hash as well for the same price, but I took the bud. It was dank and a great smoke, I was very satisfied considering it was a random connection.

    As far as buying a bowl goes, if my memory serves me right, the only place I was able to find bowls was at these tents right around the cruse ship loading area that was set up by locals and only open from Friday-Sunday. I do recall seeing some smoking paraphernalia at random shops that sold random tourist items, and I do believe those were around the cruse ship docks as well.


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