Ometepe, Nicaragua

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijauna is illegal in Nicargua as are all related actions.

Law enforcement: Nicargua is like many 3rd world countries in that penalties can be harsh, but tourists are rarely subject to the full extent of the law. Rural places like areas of Omtempe are much less heavily policed than urban areas such as Managua or Granada, even then cops are many time poor, corrupt or not very well equiped.

Where to buy marijuana: Be very careful in Nicargua. Omtempe is fairly rural but there are still thieves and scammers. Never give money without seeing product! Avoid poorer people and areas. It also not a good idea to associate with people who are obviously anti western, even if you do attempt to be sympathetic. Someone wearing an Osama Bin Laden shirt is not a good choice to ask for a hook up. A typical seller usually will be a younger male wearing western attire and appears to be middle class. (Look for boat or taxi owners/operators) Another good option especially on Omtempe are older gentlemen who look like cattlemen/ranchers, but remember to be extra discreet and polite to these guys.

Marijuana prices: By Western standards all drugs are very cheap in Nicaragua. I personally purchased a half pound of mid grade herb for about $40 USD and also bought smaller very high quality bundles ranging from 1/4 oz. to 1 oz. for 5-10 dollars and I’m sure the seller thought he was ripping me off.

Marijuana brands: There is of course the classic Latin America “compresso” which is compressed “schwag” and of lower quality.

There is also some ver high quality strains available grown there and also imported from Colombia and Panama.