Ocho – Ochio Rios, Jamaica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: While still being frowned upon by the legislation, these are the same people who behind the scenes are controlling the trade. The local police will always have quotas to make.

Law enforcement: We were in Ocho Rios for a full week and NEVER saw one police officer. Within the resorts you will find security guards, but no actual police. If you have been smoking in less tolerant countries you will find the law enforcement very relaxed here.

Use your head (don’t blaze in the grocery while picking up more redstripe!) Hotel cleaning staff will re-stack buds and clean ashtray returning all roaches!! No b.s

Where to buy marijuana in Ochio Rios: I was approached within 5 minutes after arriving in the Jamaican airport and was asked at least six times a day while there. While on the tourist resorts (sandals/beaches/club med/etc…) many of the workers have marijuana available for purchase. Where a Bob Marley shirt if you are nervous about approaching the locals and it will act as a beacon.

another reporter added: “AS soon as you hit the pavement outside the airport the # of times offered depends on the mode of transpotation your takin to your destanation! Private taxi waiting for you pre arranged w/treats! Shuttle bus= stop at beer stand on way out to bus get bag of beer and ice! On the short walk to the shuttle bus the offers begin! 2nd tour guy on bus (not driver,the guy asking for tips who really didn’t do anything except turn the bob marley music up on the ride to your hotel) came to my hotel later in eve per my request with some top quality product!(been to jamaica 5x) Stayed at “Rooms on the beach” this last trip.Beach at hotel=take a walk to the right (early in a.m. preffered time) down to the little pier past the hotel next to ya (all inclusive tell guards going for walk they will let you through) (no problem!) Guys will be hanging on pier (getting ready to go to work) with anything you want! The “doc” is in the house!!

I was hanging outside the plazza (where jimmy buffet rest. is TOURIST TRAP) main entrance drinking a beer while wife shopped! Got to bullshitting with locals go across street and have more beer w/them at their little bar(shack) and they smoked me up and offered to hook me(quality stuff) I had plenty by then! My hotel desk had a pile of buds and a wood pipe also a letter from a guy in Min. with a note to the effect of “enjoy what i could’nt take with me”! It was shitty stuff, but its the thought that counts! To sum it up=Bartenders at hotels, taxi drivers,wait staff, locals in town, locals on beach and oh yea ganja boats. You have to go to the beach in negril to find out what those are he! he!”

Ocho Rios marijuana prices: I paid US $100 for an ounce at the airport. This was my first trip to Jamaica and as a heavy smoker I did not want to risk not finding any. Silly me. If I travel back to Jamaica I will still buy early because you get a bigger amount for less. However, if you are not a HEAVY smoker you might wait to buy a quarter bag from a local at the resorts. Feel free to haggle because they know as well as you that right around the corner is someone else willing to deal.

another repoter added: “Varies 35.00 us from shuttle guy for a plastic dollar store size bag half full delivered to front gate of hotel! 15.00 for aprox 1/2 oz from taxi guy i used that week. He was a real “Cowboy” in ochio rios!”

Brands: Unknown. It was fresh and it was killer.

More information: I was traveling to Jamaica for the first time and hoped that it would live up to my pot head dreams, and it did. If you mention Bob Marley the conversation will lead to marijuana EVERY TIME. Also, take a Bob Marley tour with one of the local taxies if you are interested in seeing some fields and cutting your own for cheap. It is a great experience. For those of you about to travel: Have a blast and remember, No problems no worries Mon.