Nottingham, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5 The authorities – have not yet woke up to the fact that it is a class c drug

Legal status:

Cannabis is a class C drug. The UK government declassified cannabis to a class C drug virtually decriminalising it. However this has been met with a great deal of critics by the certain parts of the media. The government has debated changing it back to a class B but at present there has been no change.

Law Enforcement: Police in Nottingham tend to concentrate more nowadays on the dealer. Depending on how much you possess really, depends how they deal with you.

They will confiscate small amounts and they will take your name. For large amounts you can get up to 2 years in jail for possession. It relatively is easy to smoke in secret within the city and it’s county. Police are mainly concentrating their resources now on those cultivating, gun crime, gangs involved in the lucrative street drug trade such as Heroin and Crack and tackling anti social behavior from drunks in the city centre at the weekends.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Nottingham: You can get the shit in a wide variety of places. Look for the council estates such as Broxtowe, Bestwood, Abi Park (Lenton), Snapewood (Bulwell), Heathfield Estate, Crabtree (Bulwell), Hyson Green, Radford, Bulwell it’s self, Sneinton, St Anns (The Vill or stans), Meadows and other council estates as Nottingham has a large selection of council housing (social housing)

Also try some of the clubs and bars on a Saturday night especially around the Mansfield Road area or the entrance to the city from Alfreton Road (Part of Radford). I would not advice people to skin up or smoke in the City Centre on a Saturday night although there are places such as Nottingham Castle just avoid the security guard, back of Broadmarsh is good just avoids the shop lifters and smack heads. The student bars are worth a shot as well. Although dealers don’t really frequent these places students may have some spare to sell worth a shot if you want to avoid dodgy areas. At night and sometimes in the day time in Radford drug dealing can often be quite open often with the Police not wanting the headache unless really serious of making an arrest. This occurs in dodgy street deals (Which I would urge anyone to avoid) or in late night bars (Where a night out in Radford can be different where a great deal of house parties, crack houses and Black Music clubs take place

– If this is your thing try the Lenton on Ilkeston Road. You will score any type of shit openly in there. Next to Radford is Hyson Green. Although well policed with a Police Station down the road where the cells are cold and awful drugs are still available. Hyson Green has improved a great deal and many of the pubs have improved but drugs are still available in most of the pubs just ask around and it wont be long until you are offered something. I urge don’t score outside of the bookies as it is full of dodgy characters who if given the chance will rip you off. Don’t trust the street prostitutes who depending on experience of the game only go out to rip punters off not to have sex with them. Only the ones on hard drugs, desperate or the really weak prostitutes will have sex with you. If you approach the prostitutes for cannabis they will run off with your money.

There are a few Arabian and African cafes in Hyson Green especially the Somlian Internet cafes where some cannabis may be available. These places tend to be difficult as many of them are ex asylum seekers and cannot speak English very well. Often you will get knocked back in these places but you may get the odd result.

Nottingham Marijuana Prices: 20 -25 pounds for an 8th

Brands: Most of the weed is Hydroponic grown Skunk. A great deal of the young drug dealers will buls**** you with names such as Whitewidow, Superskunk etc but most of the Hydroponics skunk weed is either potent and fruity however some dud stuff occasionally comes onto the market but mainly the weed is strong and you can get a real hit of it. Ash (hashiesh) black is almost now impossible to buy due to a lack of demand and the quality of the weed circulating. However there are one or two people you can ask and they will get it but as a consumer it is hard but not impossible to buy.