Norman, OK, Oklahoma

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail for the first offense and 2 – 10 years in prison for subsequent offenses. Conditional discharge is available to first time offenders.

Oklahoma is a very bad place for forward thinking individuals who want to pass laws giving each and everyone of us more access to the rights and freedoms we deserve. In short, we’re the “buckle” of the “bible-belt”.

Medical use considerations were laughed at in a legisltative study commitee just recently. The verdict is still out though.

Law enforcement: The man will bust you. He will enjoy busting you. Here’s the disclaimer: in public only. Smoking indoors is at the least tolerated and at the most encouraged. Norman (norml) is a college town and that’s it. Everyone, it seems, smokes: professors, students, civilians, cops (some), nearly everyone at city hall, etc.

Where to buy marijuana: Any bartender worth his/her salt can give you a lead. With some idle chit chat and after a few drinks, they’ll tell you who is holding. The locals always know who to talk to. Remember this is a college town, so every one looks and talks like they’re from out of town. You could be a student or teacher for that matter. The best places to find weed are “the Library” on Boyd street, “Mr Bill’s” on the south side of campus, or any bar in our glorious “Campus Corner” district.

Probably the best place there is “Sugars”. There you’ll find people brave enough to loiter in public selling everything from weed to crank to LSD. Very few people here try to rip you off. Most of those types sell the dirty drugs like crank and ice.

Marijuana prices: $20 or 100 per 1/4 ounce $50 to 400 per ounce

Brands: Lots and lots of mexican commercial grade. On the other end of the scale is the BC bud and assorted hydroponics. Most of which is grown locally :).

More information: We locals refer to Norman as norml, Ok. It’s a way of expressing how many people here smoke pot. I encourage everybody who reads this and is from our christian controlled conservative state to come here. It’s safe here. Come in from the cold my brothers.