Nicosia, Cyprus

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal and so is any related action.

Cannabis sentences can reach 8 years. You are legally allowed 30 grams or 3 plants not to be considered a dealer (if you’re not a dealer you get a huge fine and/or a small sentence).

Law enforcement: do not even think of smoking in public. you will be arrested immediately. never have marijuana on you as you walk through the city.. at late times e.g 2 A.M+ if the cops see you and you look suspect you may be searched. this is unlikely but it can happen. The cops will take you down beat the shit out of you if they are in the mood take the weed from there selfs andf take you in!!! If get to court you will be setenced

This is bad shit happening in cyprus…

another reporter added: “Cops can’t do anything to you if they don’t find anything on you. Never admit you smoked (they aren’t allowed to take a force blood or urine test on you). If you get caught you will probably get your ass kicked. Girls will be let off much more easily”

Where to buy marijuana: you can’t buy marijuana unless you know people.. At this time of the year even people with good connections find it hard to find.*this is happening only this year* it is impossible to buy from the street. you may find in psychedelic parties.

Local contacts, such as private college students, teenagers and a few bars( that are owned by snitches, never go there). There are no street dealers and undercover cops waltz around all the time!

Marijuana prices: if you are lucky you can find skunk for 35

euros per gram and weed for 20

Local weed(old shit)- 10 cyprus pounds per gram( make sure its a gram 🙁 )

“Skunk” 15-20 pounds per gram

40-50 pounds for 3 grams

100 pounds for 7-8 grams

Marijuana brands: although it is very hard to find,if your lucky enough to find it is almost impossible that you will get shitty stuff. anything you get will be very good. cypriot weed and skunk kick ass. hash is not so popular and few people smoke it.

If you’re extremely lucky you can find white widow or such brands brought from holland in the summer. other than that its all old skunk which is a month old and is made fresher by being laced with something or wet and then dried. Hash is extremely rare in Cyprus, and usually high quality coz its brought from Lebanon

More information: Be careful with some of the “skunk”. It can give you a huge rush as it can be laced with a random opiate such as tramadol or valium (if you’re lucky) or even weedkiller and aerosol sprays( if you’re unlucky) never give money before seeing the stuff. always be carefull and dont have with you grinders or king size papers cut for roaches. there is undercover police everywhere. if you get busted for dealing you will get punished very harshly.. if you get busted for a joint they will just take you to the police station and ask you where you found it.. they will probably get your joint and smoke it themselves. you will be free the next morning.