Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: As Canada has not yet de-criminalized the possession of marijuana, there is risk to possess, However it remains unclear in the law of actual SMOKING so if you get caught smoking your last there is little that they can do, side from being given probable cause to search your person.

Law enforcement: While the law against the possession of marijuana is enforced in Niagara Falls, the focus is off small amount possession as it is a border city and large amounts of all drugs go over in immense numbers every year. There is a marijuana march on April 20th every year at the 420 highway (the irony is delicious) At that time persons can smoke in public without fear persecution .

Where to buy marijuana: As it is still illegal to possess marijuana, there are limited options that dwell in the realm of obvious. Most local bars are frequented by locals (stay away from clifton hill and casino areas) and as such have a community and economy of their own. A little observation and wit (without coming across as a narc that is) can land you some descent pot. There are rumors of a local “headshop” that sells under the counter.

another report we have is: “If you hit up the bars during the off season (i.e dead of winter), locals are much more forthcoming with the 411 on the 420. Having or feigning an interesting American accent helps. Buy someone who looks the part a few drinks, you’ll probably be chillin with them later that night or chillin back at your hotel room. If you can’t buy, you’ll at least get smoked up. I am a college student and have done this several times. However, you are best advised to leave the bud on one side of the border, it’s just too risky. If you do choose to make a run, make sure you have a quantity small enough to swallow quickly if you get a bad vibe.. Also go during a busy time, not in the dead of the night. Or better yet, just take the bus or a car service. The area overlooking the Gorge is beautiful, cheap hotels, great bars.”

Marijuana prices: $10 per gram to $25-35 an eigth of an ounce year round, the prices dip at the end of september to october as it is the local marijuana farmers harvest.

another report is: “80/us 1/2 oz beasters”

Brands: Frequent Sativas, Sativa indica crosses… sparse Indicas Hydro most of the year round, excellent out-door come harvest

More information: locals, locals, locals…it takes one to know one, so if you see one who looks down, they probably are. Be cool about it, and navigate your way to it.