Nha Trang, Vietnam

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: There appears to be no written legislation reguarding the control of marijuana, coupled with the fact that there is one police station in the town in which the police seem to just sit and play cards all day, nha trang is the place in vietnam for getting high.

Law enforcement: Practically none

Where to buy marijuana in Nha Trang: Almost imediatley it will be offered to you on the street by one or two of the constant hawkers, generally at night. You will more than likely be expected to bargin with these guys. If it is not offered to you within the first hour and you’re desparate go out and ask around other tourists but there is probably no need.

Another reporter added: “My first week in Nha Trang a motorbike driver offered to sell me marijuana 20 feet away from a police officer. I replied, “Uh, no.” I probably would have been safe had a bought it but I didn’t want to take the chance. If caught, just bribe your way out of it. There is so much marijuana in Nha Trang that the police HAVE to know about it. But be careful. ”

Where to buy Marijuana: It’s offered to Westerners as they leave bars and clubs by motorbike drivers at an fantastically alarming rate. At night, “You want motorbike ride?” is almost always followed by “You smoke marijuana?”

Marijuana prices: 100,000vdn for a nice half oz bag. ($6). Don’t expect to pay much more

Another reporter added: “$5 = three or four small joints. The catch? Drug dealing motorbike drivers require the money up front before fetching the product. That’s right, they don’t carry the stuff on them. Which means? Westerners have no idea the quality of the bud they are buying, or even if the motorbike driver will come back. ”

Marijuana brands: Brands? Uh. During Nha Trang’s rainy season, the cannibis is leafy, seedy, brown colored garbage. So much so that I tried to smoke some of it in a good sized joint during my first week here but only got through about half of it before chucking it into the ocean gladly. Cough, cough. The marijuana here makes Topeka, Kansas schwag look like the bomb. The weed is so terrible that people have to mix it with tobacco in order for a rolling paper to burn properly. I was told by a good source that after the rainy season is over the skunk will be back through. I hope so. I’m here for six months teaching English, so I’ll be sure to send a report after the rainy season’s over.

More information: Watch where you smoke it although bars may seem relaxed the best place is the beach at night or your room.