Negril, Jamaica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Ganja is in fact illegal in Jamaica.

Unless you are making trouble, you would rarely ever be hasseled. There are extremely rare traffic search stops between Montego bay and Negril but you’d be more likely to be struck by lightning. I often stop on the way to Negril to buy buds from an old friend.

Law enforcement: Do not huff around police! This gives them an invitation to latch onto you for some bribe money. I’d rather spend my greenbacks on buds. Security gaurds at the resorts will generally look the other way and most often will sell you buds if you ask.

The whole town exists because the tourists dump so much money there. The Jamaican people generally understand that it is important to make us want to come back and spend more money next winter. I’m sure if you were smoking ganja on the beach and cops were coming, the security guards would try to warn you to protect you.

Generally you can feel free to blaze in public streets, beaches, taxi cabs, or at bars, hotels, you name it. If you see the police coming, put your joint out and chill. If you do actually get caught up somehow (it can happen), you have a good chance of bribing your way out of the situation. They might laugh at a twenty dollar bill (USD), but if you happened to have a Benjamin in your pocket, you’ve probably got a really good chance of still catching your flight home on time.

Where to buy marijuana in Negril: This section doesn’t really need to be filled out, because you can not go through Negril without getting offered “the best” ganja by various Originals. This is especially true if you fit the description (I’m a 23 year old male a.k.a. target). I had a guy put ganja in my hand while my grandmama was sittin in the next seat watching. Notice how it wasn’t ME watching the dude put the ganja in GRANDMAMA’s hand. Anyways, mom was there too and she made me give it back.

For a fee, you can go on a tour of a plantation. According to a local farmer who goes by the name of Dr. Fabulous, “when you are on my plantation, you can point at a plant, and I will just go break a stick off and give it to you, no charge, just tell you to put it in your bag like that. Yeah mon.” Some people who have taken tours with other farmers in the past have said its not worth the twenty bucks a head it will cost you.

You have to a be a very stern, confident, “i know what the fuck the deal is” type of negotiator, or you’ll end up paying American ‘dro prices for some Jamaican Scwuag (like some of our fathers would probably do because they havn’t bought weed for like 17 years, but they are in Jamica mon! ….When in Rome….) .

Be sure to practice the art of walking away, especially from the first two or three dealers you talk to. You wouldn’t buy the first car you saw, would you?? Trust me, if they seem offended or angry that you’re walking away from the deal right now, you could ALWAYS come back later and get the same deal or a better one. Money talks. Bullshit walks.

So enough about HOW to buy ganja, the question was WHERE?

Answer: Anywhere. If you smoke, you dont need to know where to buy it, it will find you.

another report added: “It will quite literally find you. Scores of young children will try to sell you colas as you drive/walk around. Taxi drivers, wait staff, housekeepers, store owners, hookers, bums, and anyone in Rasta colors are good sources. Just start some small talk to get whatever it is you want in Negril.”

Marijuana prices: $20 could get you two grams or an ounce, depending on your bartering skills. Although the $20 ounce might be brown and seedy. It is more work to clean but all the stuff is good in my opinion. Break open the brown buds and they are still crystallish – this aint no brown Mexican brick weed.

Beware of free “gifts” and stuff like that. After you recieve a gift from a Jamaican hustler, he will harass the hell out of you for money. Remeber, there is no free joint……… haha, Just kidding! In my opinion, if you tell the guy that you don’t want any because you already have “a whole bunch” and he proceeds to smoke a joint with you, you don’t actually have to pay him when he starts asking you for money. But have conscience, my friend, have conscience.

another reporter added: “Highly variable. All sales are bartered. Generally the crafty Jamaican street hawker will start with a ridiculous figure like $100/bud to see if you’ll bite. Just say “Too high for my budget” and start to walk away and the price will begin to fall. In Negril buds are usually sold as a cola without any reference to weight. A cola the size of a baby’s arm can be had for as little as $5 (rare) but if you pay more than $20 you have been had.”

Brands: Monkey Skunk is to ganja as Red Stripe is to beer.

I watched one huslter count out on his fingers for me, “I’ve got Moneky Skunk, AK-47, Kush, blah, and blah”. I don’t even remember the last two.

Names? In 90% of the world they are absolutely meaningless. I don’t mess with names.

another reporter added: “Brands change frequently, a couple of years ago “Alaska” bud was the cats’ meow. Who knows what it will be this week! You will not find the old landrace Jamaican “Lambs Breath” or any other pure sativa any more. Now ALL Jamaican is composed of indica or hybrids. Indica yields more product per plant and the buds are denser and form tight colas forming a more attractive product. Since sativa is such a low yielder, must grow for such a long season, and has small airy buds, it has been abandoned by growers for the higher yielding, less detectable indicas. Unfortunately, the current indica buds found in Jamaica today are a very grim shadow of the old Jamaican sativa strains of the 60’s and 70’s. That said, the Jamaican indica/hybrids of today are still somewhat superior to American hydro strains. ”

More information: Many small cafe owners sell “space cake”. A few have even adopted the Cambodian nomenclature “happy cake”. Be warned that it is usually very potent and will usually put the most avid smoker down for an all night snooze. The wise will start with half of a small cake and eat the rest in a couple of hours if they still think they can handle it.

There are basically two areas to stay in Negril. There is 7 mile beach and then there are the cliffs further down. The cliffs have a little more privacy and i prefer them but if you like to get out on the beach for concerts, water sports, dancing, etc you might prefer to find accomodations on the beach. All inclusive resorts cater more to the family tourist set and are less friendly to stoners (they are also far more expensive than smaller bungalow providers and local eateries).