Naples, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: As of recently the Italian Government passed a law giving out harsh penalities for possesion of .3g of ANY drug. Rest assured you would have to really mess up to get busted for hash or weed.

Law enforcement: Cops don’t care. They may give you a hassle for being foreign and mock you. That is the extent of my experience. I did get slapped one time for lying to the cop… No ticket or deportation though.

Where to buy marijuana: HA. Naples, like the inner-cities of any major city has “bases”. Most are in an area called ‘zona 167’ near SECONDIGLIANO. most highways in the south of italy meet there. Good spot for organized crime. I would not suggest a foreigner going there without the assistance of a local guide.

A base for weed and hash will tend to have two guys, one for the money and one for the shit. Those are the drive thru ones. Some you have to get out and go in or up to a little bank-teller style hole-in-the-wall. The more ‘tude you show the better sticks and bags you get. That is my experience.

Mind you, italians are very lazy. So there are places to cop EVERYWHERE. One of my faves is behind the MacDonald’s resturant in Piazza Dante. There are kids from a soccer firm called the mastiffs. Good weed.

Good hash is not at bases, well not normally, ask about la pasticceria. they have afghan,morroc and turk normnally. and indoor grown weed.

Good weed floats around the base. generally in the outskirts of Guigliano, Torre dell’annuziata and marano you can find some good stuff before they cut the weed.

Yeah I said they cut they weed. They spike it with medicines and shit like barbituates and opiates. Watch out for that. If they weed smells wrong, it is probably wrong