Muskogee, OK, Oklahoma

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Oklahoma will be one of the last states to consider decriminalization, or even medical use, no matter what the facts may be . And Edmond, home of Oklahoma Christian University, will be one of the last towns in Oklahoma.Oklahoma City is encroaching on Edmond’s squeaky-clean city limits, and the powers that be don’t like it one bit. There is no “wrong side of the tracks” in Edmond, and they intend to keep it that way.

Possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail for the first offense and 2 – 10 years in prison for subsequent offenses. Conditional discharge is available to first time offenders.

Law enforcement: Cops are all pretty much crooked in Muskogee and in all of Oklahoma. Most of the time you will just get outrageous fines. Making money is the polices primary concern, most of which comes from drug and traffic violations which i assume is nationwide but especially true in Oklahoma.

Where to buy marijuana: Buying high quality marijuana is a complicated task in Muskogee and in any city in Oklahoma whereas swag on the other hand is any and everywhere you go. I would have to estimate from living here my whole life that about 90% of all smokers in Oklahoma only smoke swag and only a few of those have only had Chronic a handful of times. So you will have to definitely no someone to get the Chronic. And even then its very unstable as my average is about 3 sacks from the same person before i had to find a new source. Just ask almost anyone and you can get swag.

Marijuana prices: Swag will range from 20 an 1/8 – 50 to 60 a 1/2 – 100 to 120 Oz

But there are plenty of good deals to be found since swag is extremely abundant (2oz 100$ etc)

Kine on the other hand if you are lucky enough to find it will almost always cost you dearly. Mid and sometimes low grade will be sold at name brand prices 100-140 1/4 – 200-250 1/20z – 400-450 oz And the actual name brand in my experience is usually the same price as the mids though i have heard it going for 500 and up an oz. These are the basic prices for everywhere in Oklahoma

Marijuana brands: Most chronic is usually mid grade unknown strains which is usually just called dro by everyone around here regardless of what it actually is.

Actual strains i personally have encountered where almost all in Tulsa and are Pineapple, (improperly cured) NY Diesel, (legit as fuck) Northern Lights and Rock Bud(both allegedly from California, best I’ve had or seen in Oklahoma regardless.) I’ve yet to find name brand in Muskogee only “Dro”

More information: Muskogee along with every town in Oklahoma is a true chronic smokers hell and a cheap redneck swag smokers paradise. I cant wait to leave.