Montreal, QC, Canada


Marijuana is legal only for medical use in Montreal, with a doctor’s permit. Small amounts may be discarded but don’t carry more than you have to. Always be on the lookout for suspicious situations. Just because pot is widely tolerated it doesnt make it cool to flaunt. Cannabis remains illegal under law in Canada, yet you will find Canada has one of the most tolerant cultures despite this.

Law Enforcement

Watch out for cops. If you’re a white person with money and a little pot you’ll get away. If you’re a minority they might give you a ticket. They may take your weed and jail you. Just try to not be so obvious. More importantly don’t carry large amounts. Especially don’t carry it individually bagged, as this shows you are trafficking.

WeBeHigh User Reports:
“Thought I saw a cop wave to me while I took a toke from my pipe one evening after dinner.”

“Most cops that i have encountered were pretty cool about the pot, they just gave it back and told me to have a nice day, but other cops will ether throw it out or if the cops having a bad day, will fine you ”

“Police are very very easy with weed here. I once was walking downtown with a spliff and I walked by a police car. The officers looked at me and drove off. As long as you don’t look sketchy or like a dealer they wont do much. If you like to smoke in parks it’s amazing because not many people will bother you. Unless you go to certain parks with security, like in the area of Westmount there are Public Security Officers Aka PSO’s and even Banana PoPo(this name is given to them because of their bright yellow give-a-way jeeps) and they will be annoying. They cant do much but kick you out or call the actual police on you. So if you’re ever in the area remember to just walk away.”

“It’s only legal to have it for medicinal usage but police don’t care much about tourists.”

Where to buy Marijuana in Montreal

Try the place Mont-Royal. Ask the young “punks” there (there’re nice people, don’t worry), they’ll tell you to whom you should talk. Watch out for the time, they don’t come before noon!

Alternatively you can go on Ste-Catherine, next to the UQAM (Université du Québec A Montreal).

You can also stay in downtown and walk up along St-Denis.

The little cities around Montreal will sell better and cheaper pot! Especially Laval and St-eustache, that can be reached with a train for tourits, you just have to walk around and ask for a number that delivers! Often you get a gram or 2 in extra just because you bought something! According to recent reports it’s been a while (2-3 years) since anyone on the streets got caught! So in a way it’s safer than Montreal!

“In my opinion the west island Verdun and NDG are the BEST places to buy pot. Don’t buy off adult. You can ask for it in metros. Usually the teenagers from local high schools can tell you where to find it. If you’re dumb you will be served a point 8. You’re better off headed to see university or college students in the area and get more bang for your bucks. In NDG however you get a gram for 10 bucks an eigth for 25$ and a quarter from 40 to 50 bucks. If you know people you will find some of the best pot the world has to offer in this city.”

“Mont-Royal park had a great dealer, sold good sized grams for 10 (1/8 for 30, 1/4 for 50 bucks. He found me, didn’t have to look for him! Pot was great, very stony green, tasted good w/long lasting high!, Mont Royal station had two young punk dealers selling half g’s for 10, good and long lasting high so I didn’t feel ripped off.”

“Yes, it’s really easy to find weed in Montreal, for sure, and even easier than in Paris! I’ve lived over here for about one month, and I never had difficulties in finding something to smoke. Just walk downtown (St Catherine…) and you will be proposed weed (and others if you want…). The only thing is to negociate prices because in the street, teenagers want to sell you their weed about 50 % more expensive than what you can find through more regular ways, so don’t be affraid and ask them to lower the price.”

“Montreal is a great place for pot heads. You can virtually find weed anywhere in the city, parks, downtown, near wherever you’re staying. For tourists the BEST and most SIMPLE way of obtaining BOOM TREES is to go to “Mount Royal” on Sundays, at what is called the “Tam Tams” Most people go there to enjoy the Tams, buy stuff from street vendors, sword fight, and ESPECIALLY BUY GOOD CRONIC. If you look like a pot head or if you smoke cigarettes and walk up the mountain to get a good spot to sit on the grass. you will be offered by many different people. this means if you’re looking for bud, on the mountain the bud will find you. The best people to go to on the Mountain is the Rastas because they have the best chronic make sure you see the weed before you buy it because they will most of the time take your money and just leave. If you have hook ups you can almost get weed anywhere else. I personally have people who will drive to my house come inside and scale out what I want for me. Now thats called service.”

“I don’t really know where the locals go but as a tourist I found it amazing easy to locate. Rte. St-Denis is full of cheap hotels that don’t appear to be drug free and while drunkenly stumbling down it I was offered Crack and Marijuana. The much more reputable Rte Ste-Catherine or as it’s locally pronounced (Roo Saint Catrare) has alot of bars and clubs aswell as a few smoke shops, and while walking down the street after 2 AM I was often stopped and spoken to in French when I told them I only spoke English they paused and then asked if I wanted to buy any trees.”


In Montreal the more you buy the more you get.

10 for a gram
20 for a 2.5
25 for 30 or most of the times 3.5
45 for sets(7grams)
60-80 for half Oz
100-220 for Oz.

The pricing is amazing here. And can be even closer to $5/gram.


You can find virtually anything. Very well grown hydroponique M39 is easy to get your hands on at a very good price. As far as exotics go there’s alot of jack hair, quebec gold, skunk and some nebs. If you really have good hookups you can find blueberry, silver haze red rooster, jack hair and -bubblegum. Ak47 and afghan aren’t hard to find either. There’s many varieties of pot in this city and it’s very tolerated. You can literally buy what it is you need to grow from a pot shop.

“In montreal there are so many types of bud. I’ve only lived here for about 2 years and I’ve come across over 20 different types of bud. Unless you smoke a 3.5 everyday almost anything will get you high. if you want cheaper bud look for M-39 or exotics(exos) although if you meet the right people you can find much better tasting, smoking, high. from types like Jack variations(jack hair, tripple jack, jack berry. and I personnally love Jack because its also my name. You can also find other BOOM chronic like Blueberry, White Widow, Red Rooster, The Kush, Skunk, Apollo, Nebula. Its either you get compacted hydroponic m’s or fluffy beautiful Jack.”

More information

There are some masterpeices when it comes to pot in this town. One of my all time favorites was a cross between blueberry and skunk. This town is RICH in cannabis in all shapes and sizes. There are many oportunities to sample our pot and if you are a pot lover Odds are you’ll smoke for free. Canadians are waaay friendlier by nature than americans. So don’t be afraid to make friends. People will give you a ciggarette if you ask for it. And I have been given bud and joints FOR FREE!!!! And i still get it on the regular .17 to 22 is the age group that are best suited to help you. COME TO MONTREAL!! BLAZE IN THE CLUBS!! CHECK OUT THE HONEYS IN THE SUMMER!! AND DON’T JUST TRY THE POT, LET THE POT TRY YOU!

Tools for smoking, growing whatever your doing with weed, are easy to find. There are Head shops everywhere (E.g.: High Times, Boutique Rock, Le Rock, etc.) They carry MANY DIFFERENT types(Regular, King-size, 6 Inch papers, 12 Inch papers, Roll outs(to make the perfect size) and brands(zig-zag, smokings, bob marley, and my personal favorite OCB and even more)