Montclair, NJ, New Jersey

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Possession of 50 grams or less is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a prison sentance of 6 months and a fine of $1,000. Possesion of 50 grams or more is a felony punishable by 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. If you are within 1,000 feet of a school you will automatically be sentanced to 100 hours of community service added to your sentance for the basic possesion. New Jersey does have mandatory minimum sentancing, however, the state of New Jersey will rarely if ever prosecute weed smokers and you will probably be charged with less severe country level charges.

Law enforcement: Cops in Montclair are strict and it is not safe to use in most public places. If you are walking down the street smoking a joint or blunt, the odds are a cop will pull up beside you and you will be arrested and booked. If you are a minor, cops in this town are much harsher towards you due to an increase in local juvenile crime. If you choose to smoke, either do it in your home, or make sure you are in a position that you are not in publiv view, and if you are not creating a scene, they will not look for you.

Where to buy marijuana in Montclair NJ: Montclair has a very active arts community, a college (Montclair State) and has a poor section (Ward 4-more specifically South End) where marijuana is everywhere. If you go into the parks late at night, it is also likely you will find dealers. The safest deals come from people who are active in the tranquil art district. It is essential not to be to open, because many people in the town are not open towards weed.

Your next option is to head into the parks. While Anderson park in Upper Montclair is a chill spot with a section ideal for smoking, it is not an everyday occurance. Brookdale park has dealers every night, but harder drugs suck as crack and heroin are also found there. If you are desperate, you can venture into the, “deep south.” This is the Area around Mission/New St. that ends around the Glen. The Glen is a hot bed of late night parties with heavy drinking, and weed smoking. While it is litterally a glen and is not completely visible from the road, it is fairly safe to venture down and find a quite place to smoke. Just don’t let your guard down because cops will often raid the parties once becoming aware of them and you may be caught in the middle. If you notice a basketball game going on, it’s not a bad idea to become friendly with someone as they will probably send you in the right direction.

If you go down to Montclair State, go into the colleges’ Tick Tock diner and attempt to be friendly with students who apear stoned at 2:00 am. (every day occurance) These students are always friednly and will always be willing to sell you weed if they have any.

The Red Hawk Diner is located on the campus of Montclair State. The Tick-Tock diner is a few miles away on R-46. Also the Six Brothers diner just off campus on the corner of Clove Road is another good place to find students either holding willing to point you in the right direction although you have a much better shot at Red Hawk (where I probably am at 2 in the morning with all the other baked and/or drunk kids).

If that fails, go to the 95% student appartment campus just off campus on Friday Saturday nights and enter one of the, “open crib” parties. You’ll score with weed in minutes.

Montclair Marijuana prices: Shwag- mainly sold in 8th bags for $25.

Mids- $10 a gram

mid/dank- $15 a gram (almost as common as mids, much more common than true dank)

dank- $20 a gram

Exotics- $25 a gram

Brands: I have come across many brands of weed in Montclair, unfortately, most of them are bad. However, if you look hard enough and meet enough people, you can find exotics like White Widow and New York Diesel (Montclair being 10 miles from N.Y.), Blueberry Haze, and certain dros that come in from New York. Most of the cheaper weed comes from Newark and East Orange.

More information: Montclair is a town of diverse culture and a great number of resturants with all sorts of strange and erotic food. In Montclair Center (Bloomfield Ave and the surrounding area) there are hundreads of authentic ethnic food places to eat largely due to Montclairs severe ethnic diversity. You can enjoy a great variety of Irish pubs (unfortantly due to N.J.’s new smoke free act you can’t smoke in them), we have all sorts of resturants from South-East asia. Great Thai food, Indian food galor (galour), a fine aray of Chinese places, some excelent Sushi places. This is a wonderous area stoned. If you are more into relaxing with friends in a less big city feel envirment and don’t feel like being caught, Upper Montclair or Watchung plaza could be your options. Many places don’t care in those two districts, and you can tell if they care by the number of teens eating there.

Enjoy MTC smoking.